I have never been a fan of unbranded trainers. I was converters after I bought a pair of yeezy dupes from Misspap. I love these shoes. They’re comfy, everybody compliments them and you feel fabulous for not spending over £20 for them. If I told you you could feel like a kardashian for only £20 why would you not jump at the chance? 

I like to style these with nudes, Browns and khaki colours. These Pretty little thing leggings are perfect and they’re only £5! 

Another favourite of mine are these Rihanna dupes from Ego Shoes I chose the pink pair as I love to add colour using my shoes, it’s simple and easy. 

As with the before, I style these with nudes or natural colours. These are perfect with ripped jeans. They’re super comfy which is something I look for in shoes as I have wonky legs (story for another time) so for me comfort is one of my top priorities. 

I did the classic ‘pop into primark’ trip with my sister the other day I didn’t need anything but obviously I left with three bags full. I had been pining over these particular shoes since I first saw them. You know you can justify buying something if you can’t stop thinking about not buying it on round one. 

I picked up these for £14 they’re comfy, and a light pink so they’re not too difficult to style. These are pefect Nike Thea dupes.  Seeing as they’re impossible to get hold of now these are the perfect ‘next best thing’. 


Also in primark I picked up these nude trainers. I would say these are also similar to Nike Thea’s due to the colour. These were £14. They’re a perfect fit and I have had so many compliments when I’ve worn them, from both men and women! 


Overall I’ve given up being a trainer snob. There is nothing wrong with a dupe. Especially when you can get 4 pairs of gorgeous shoes for even less than 1 pair of the originals! If I were you I’d be running to my local primark as soon as possible as they keep releasing gorgeous new stock! 

If you manage to pick any up let me know by tagging me in your photos! 



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