I was planning on doing a March favourites post but I thought why not stretch it out to all the fabulous things that have fallen into my life this year.

We have recently moved into a bigger house so although I’m only 20, my interests resemble those of a middle aged women. I spend my weekends in the garden with my other half looking after our chickens and gardening. I tend to finish off the weekend by cleaning the house top to bottom and cooking a roast dinner.

However that being said I do have some interesting products that are more suited to my actual age range.

First on my favourites list of 2016 is the book The Girl on the Train. I read Gone Girl last summer and loved it. Everyone was raving about The Girl on the Train so I thought I’d give it ago. I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I do. I cannot stop thinking about it,  it’s amazing. Go get it now, it’s great. I have a short attention span but this grabs me. It’s nice to be able to look at something other than my phone screen when I’m in the bath or sat on the sofa of an evening.

I am a big fan of a bath. Our new house has the most amazing bath. It’s massive and the taps in the middle so it’s impossible to be uncomfortable. I was lucky enough to be sent some bath bombs and things from Bomb cosmetics I’ve only ever used lush so it was nice to try something new. There are so many bath bombs to choose from so it suits everyone’s taste.  These are the goodies I was sent:

Another favourite of mine this year has been my thigh high boots from Ego official they’re comfy and you can wear them with pretty much anything. These aren’t too expensive either. You can dress these up or down so they’re perfect for any occasion.

Im not really in the know when it comes to make up brushes. I bought a load of real technique brushes, a couple of Mac ones and thought I was set. I got sent some of these GWA brushes, and I cannot believe how soft they are. Everything is so easy to blend with these and they’re so pretty to have sat on my dressing table! Shop them here

I seem to spend a lot of my money on flowers that are pretty average and die quickly. I had seen bloom and wild advertised and thought it would be perfect to soothe my flower addiction. I was lucky enough to be sent some flowers from Bloom and Wild and they have lasted so long! I was thinking of signing up to receive flowers every 2 weeks but every month would be enough as I’ve had mine for almost 3 weeks and if anything they’ve got better. This business is such a good idea. They post them through your door so it’s so easy to get gorgeous flowers at a click of a button.

I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment. I have started using these capsules from Jst Jodie I’ll do a post when I’ve taken them long enough. But so far I am loving them, I have much more energy. There’s some incredible before and after photos for these so in excited to see my results.

I started using the meal replacement shake today. I won’t be using this to literally replace meals. I’m having one for breakfast as I struggle to eat breakfast usually. I will have another just before dinner so I eat less.

I could make this blog post so much longer but I’m going to do another post on favourite online stores as otherwise this would go on forever. As always if you have any questions let me know!


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