I’m writing this post before I rush off to the Isle of wight for a weekend of fun with my dog and family. Bertie hasn’t been on the boat before so big day for him. Anyway I thought I would let you guys know about some make up products I’ve been using the past couple of weeks and absolutely loving!

The lovely girls at the Bloggers Hangout sent me some Dusty girls make up to try out. I thought I was just getting sent the powder but I received so much more. I didn’t expect much from these products, which to be fair I never do, however i completely fell in love with two in particular and now they come everywhere with me! I have loved Rimmel stay matte powder for as long as I can remember, and I’ve never tried anything else because why fix something that’s broken? Be that as it may, I was sent some powder from Dusty Girls so I gave it a go and I am obsessed with it. I carry it around with me everywhere I go, even though it lasts all day. I will do an example on my SnapChat (amysowerby) and Instagram  to show you what it looks like throughout the day. Bearing in mind I spend my days in an office with no air con it’s pretty impressive how well it lasts.


The other item I am completely obsessed with is the lipstick, it’s a satin finish with a little bit of colour. Its not super pigmented so it can be worn for any occasion. I wear it daily because I hate having dry lips, but also I wear it over the top of my Sleek Matte lipstick, just so that I don’t have that sticky dry lip feeling.


I was also sent the bronzer, blush and eye shadow. The eye shadow has become a part of my daily makeup routine because its perfect for under my eyebrows, or on my lids if I’m just going to work or want a more natural look.

Here are a couple of my new favourite items from this month so far:


Can you guess what my colour obsession is at the moment? Shocker. Also one of my must have summer essentials is VS sprays, they’re so fresh and keep you smelling fabulous on the hotter days. I got this from Very.

If you have oily/combination skin first of all read my post on must have products but secondly get your hands on this powder its amazing!! It doesn’t feel like you’re caked in make up but gives a really good high coverage look. I will definitely be purchasing some of this again!

As always leave me any feedback, and find me on all my social media channels available on my homepage!




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