Since moving to our new home last year our house has become much more sociable. Without going into too much detail about other peoples lives, my boyfriend’s friends come over to visit much more now. We were in a decent sized 1 bed flat, but with not much parking it wasn’t exactly an ideal location for meeting up. Now my clever boyfriend has laid a decking and we have a decent sized garden we have the perfect summer hangout location.

An easy way of feeding a lot of people is a BBQ, so this is something we do quite regularly. Aside from the usual meat and beer I’ve found some cute and quirky additions to make your BBQ stand out from the crowd.

My first favourite are these meringues from Flower and White. I received so many of these I didn’t know what to do with them. I smashed up the rainbow, fruit flavoured ones and whipped them up with some cream and fruit to make a nice Eton mess style dessert. However it was such a hot day I put them in the freezer and it ended up as a gooey ice cream which was lovely and a big hit with everyone.


Secondly these Heartsease Farm Lemonade drinks were to die for. So many people were questioning where these were from. So full of flavour and refreshing for someone who isn’t on the alcohol!  Also how cute are these Canowater cans!

Since I took this photo my beloved Cosmos flowers got covered in black fly and died. I’ve cut them down in the hope they’ll grow back. A couple have so I am hopeful for our future!

This is completely different from anything else I’ve done before. I hope you enjoyed it. You must try out these meringues they’re gorgeous. If you get creative with them tag me in your pictures so I can see! As always you can follow me on all of my social media channels to see what I get up to before I’ve edited and typed it up! Until next time!





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