As mentioned before in my post about my horrible oily skin  I have to take extra care of my face. As a self proclaimed beach bum I am in the sun a lot so I have to keep on top of my skin care or some serious damage could happen.

I was sent these products from Akar  I’ve been using the Face oil religiously  however being the idiot I am I didn’t put the lid on properly and now my dressing table draw is filled with face oil and I have nothing to put on my face. So I am in mourning over that, but thankfully I will have the toning mist. While the oil (in my opinion) smelt ‘not fantastic’ the toning mist doesn’t smell too bad. The fact that I continued to put the oil on my face even though I couldn’t stand the smell should be enough to show you that I really loved this product! This is a minimalist dream, the monochrome packaging alongside the gold makes it instantly appealing.


This is kinda gross but Adam and I are obsessed with pore strips. I got some in poundland thinking they wouldn’t be any good but they are literally amazing. I won’t show you the residue that they pulled from out skin, but lets just say the tiny rows of blackheads or whatever they were, were enough to have me running into town at 5:45 to grab more before the store closed. I have now ordered a face mask from Amazon to see if we can strip out entire faces. This stuff was also amazing but very painful to pull off. I recommend sticking to the strips! 

If this isn’t #RelationshipGoals then I don’t know what is.

I have also been loving collagen eye wrinkle masks. I don’t know if they do a lot as I’m only 21 but they feel nice, and I like to think I am preventing ageing. I also use Olay Night time wrinkle cream as I am very aware that one day I will wake up and be 30 and thinking why did young Amy not care for her skin!! Luckily for me my boyfriend is 10 years older than me so in comparison (hopefully) I will always look young. Unfortunately it seems he is getting better with age so I need to get my act together!

Lush Tea Tree Spray, this lasts a lifetime. I bought this back when I lived with my parents, so atleast 3 years ago, and I still have atleast half a bottle left. I use this a lot. I will use my makeup wipes to remove my face of the day. Thinking that I have cleaned my face I will use the spray just to double check. I can clean my face about 3 times with this before my face is actually clean. It’s amazing what the eyes cannot see.

For all other parts of me I use coco butter. I was told to use this to stop stretchmarks on my boobs, I also use it for tanning. Its just fantastic, and smells amazing. I have sensitive skin and used to suffer a lot with eczema so not everything works for me but this 100% does. I doubt I’ll ever use anything else! – Obviously appart from sueodo cream because that is a cream that fixes everything!

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