I have been wanting to do more ‘healthy baking’ recently. I was sent this Coconut flour from Sukrin. I have never heard of coconut flour before so I had literally no idea what I was doing and all the recipes I could find were American and I HATE American recipes because I am rubbish at working from ‘cups’ as a way of measuring. Being the wonderful human that I am (just kidding) I have converted a recipe into grams so it’s easier to work from. These coconut and vanilla cupcakes are potentially the most moist cakes I have ever made. The coconut isn’t too over powering. I am no expert in this field but I believe this makes them gluten free as the coconut flour replaces standard flour. 


*This makes about 12 cupcakes*


Butter (I use stork) 115g

Caster Sugar 115g

1/2 tsp Salt

2tsp Vanilla

6 Eggs

75g Coconut flour

1 tsp Baking Powder

I made up my own method to this as I feel the way I make my cupcakes works and the ignorant part of me is not willing to change. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees. 

I started by creaming the butter and the sugar until smooth and fluffy. I then add the eggs and mix by hand until all beaten together. After this I’ll add the vanilla. Then I will put the flour, baking powder and salt all in a sieve together and slowly fold into the batter. 

Once all mixed together, you want to fill the cupcake cases about 3/4 full and then bake for 18 minutes at 180 degrees. 

These will not look like normal cupcakes, they are much more moist so don’t be alarmed if they look ‘wet’ as long as you can put a skewer through them and they come out clean they’re ready. Leave to cool and then ice them how you wish. I opted for my vanilla butter cream which I piped on and then shaved some vegan chocolate over. 



End result


I was really impressed with this coconut flour. If you want to find some alternatives to suit your diet check out their website here as they’ve got lots of other products available. If you give these a go let me know, if you have any questions I’ll try my best to answer. 



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