Hi guys, if you haven’t already heard I’ve started a YouTube channel! (search Amy Sowerby) Subscribe, and let me know your channels/ favs as I’m always looking for new people to watch.

Anyway, this post is in collaboration with the beautiful babes at SocialBerry. I have had so many invitations to events and shows at LFW but due to working full time, and having a puppy I can’t go! *MAJOR SAD FACE* However if I were going these would be my must haves. I’m using them day to day anyway because I struggle to get to sleep at night and some of the below really help, such as..

Faust’s Potions! The Faust asleep potion (great name btw) is what I’ve used most recently. If I’m up late editing or taking photos my photography light is so bright it takes ages for me to mentally unwind after. My brain thinks it’s 12pm on a beautiful summers day, when in reality it 1am and I’ve got to be up at 6am to walk the dog and go to work. This is where the Faust’s awake potion comes in. I’m yet to try this one as the Faust asleep potion is working too well, how ironic.

These are designed to help people get through their hangovers. Late nights and early mornings, these could be a lifesaver. I don’t really drink as I’m on a lot of medication and I go a little crazy when I do. Last time I actually passed out, I’ve never done that before, I couldn’t even remember getting home. I made the mistake of going out with my boyfriends friends, who might I add are all over 6ft and over 30. I tried to keep up with them and it ended terribly. So for now I am taking a break.


The next item I was sent was this gorgeous swimwear set from Lascivious I got the green bra, and high waisted bottoms which are great as the cut out parts show off the bits you want while the other parts are hidden. This would be perfect for a mid LFW spa break. If anyone has any spa recommendations please let me know as I am desperate for one!


The next thing I got was these PACK’d smoothies. I cannot explain how much I love these. In the last couple of months Adam and I have been lapping up the smoothies as we’re always on the go and it’s a great way to get lots of goodness in all at once. These ones from PACK’d have little sachets of goodness that you can add to give you that extra kick. This would be perfect for a LFW pick me up!

I took this from their website, as I have used this so much the shaker is waiting to be washed up, and these pictures demonstrate what I am blabbering on about.

I heard somewhere recently that 85% of people say that teeth are the first thing they notice about a person. I am lucky enough to have zero fillings, no braces and relatively straight teeth. This whitening kit and tooth paste collection from Regenerate are perfect for keeping you looking glam in the rush of fashion week (and always).

Beautiful Flowers from Bloom and Wild

This next product is literally the cutest thing ever I cant wait to use it. I ALWAYS have lip balm on me, regardless of the season, where I am or what I’m doing it’s always on me. I love it can’t get enough of it. One thing I never thought I would do would be to create my own! This set gives you all the ingredients you need to make your own balm! I’ve got the mojito flavour because I love a mojito (virgin of course) – well on a school night anyway. This would make the perfect gift, or the perfect treat for yourself before the rush and buzz of LFW.These are from Sweet Cecilys.



My ultimate chill time loungewear is a big t shirt. With it being LFW coming up, if you’re out and about you might be sharing a hotel with other bloggers or not feeling so fresh after a big party the night before. This black T from Total Black will save you. You can be lounging around in it one second and then BAMN ripped jeans and a leather jacket later you’re looking rock star fresh. The world doesn’t need to know you were up till 6am with tequila in your hand, because you look mighty fine!



Hope you liked this little Collab/must have/ haul post. If you wanna check me out on youtube the link is on my Instagram!

Much Love xx




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