I have done my fair share of crash diets. The most effective one is heartache and sorrow. I once spoke to someone who said:

I have never been thin and happy, whenever I am happy I am heavy and whenever I am thin I am sad.

I totally get this. I once lost around 1 stone in 2 weeks because I was so upset and heartbroken that I completely lost my appetite. Then I met Adam and was happy and 1 and a half stone later here I am happy as Larry. I’m not recommending everyone goes out looking for heartbreak or sorrow, all I am saying is that for me this is truly the only time I’ve dropped weight quickly.

One stupid thing I did start to do was drink about 4 cans of Pepsi Max per day. This would fill me up, and eventually I ended up craving it. Even now I am still buying Pepsi max in bulk loads.

I know it’s bad for you, theres so many studies and thing on it, but I am addicted. Recently I’ve been trying to find healthy alternatives to curve my addiction and I’ve came across some gems.


I first found VITHIT drinks in boots when choosing a meal deal. The maximum amount of calories per drink is 35. They are mainly flavoured tea, but unlike fruit tea they actually have flavour and taste of something. VIT HIT were kind enough to send me a huge crate of drinks, 12 of each flavour. They also sent across a hoodie,sweatshirt and T shirt which I love. I’m a big geek when it comes to merchandise clothing. Its comfy and for the brand it’s easy advertising. The hoody is my new favourite dog walking attire. Anyway with loads of VIT HITS floating around I didn’t touch pepsi max. These kept me full and they are packed with goodness. I no longer got that stomach twisting sensation I got from Pepsi. I had these around the office and shared them with my loved ones at home and everyone loved them. They are the perfect hangover cure, and in my office we (not me) needed them for this more than anything.



First off, is this not the best name for a watermelon drink you’ve ever heard? I’m such a nerd when it comes to things like this, I’d be sat at my desk drinking it and if someone came over I’d be like ‘WHAT A MELON’ hahahahaha. I laugh at my own jokes, I imagine I’m annoying, but I’m me and I’m not going to change that. I am a big cheese ball. Anyway this drink is so delicious, the packaging is adorable its just an all round great product, plus I think this would be a great addition to a virgin cocktail mix. I didn’t get the chance to do this because I loved them so much they were gone in about a day. You can shop them here.



Although I loved the other drinks and they were definitely helping me cut back on the pepsi, I did miss the fizz and the bubbles that pepsi brings. Thats why these cans from Berrywhite were a life saver. The organic fruit flavoured fizzy drinks are technically sparkling and not fizzy so they’re not as bad for you as Pepsi. These were really nice, one thing I would say is that the cans are smaller than pepsi so I found they didn’t really touch the side, and I’d have 2 for every 1 can of pepsi max. This is how they are described on their website, and I think this is the perfect description.

Our carefully blended exotic superfruits, healthy extracts and sparkling spring water provide an amazing taste sensation with a lightness that refreshes.



This is another example of a super cute brand that not only makes delicious healthy drinks, but helps give something back. This brand is based around a family love of bee keeping. If theres one thing I love it’s family run businesses which have more goals than just making money. These drinks came packed so pretty, and taste delicious. They are lovely and sweet without using any refined sugars. You can now buy these in Waitrose.


If like me you have a Pepsi max or any other kind of fizzy drink addiction, I hope you found this helpful!

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Much love xx


One thought on “How To Get Over a Pepsi Max Addiction

  1. I have been cutting soda completely from my diet for the last few months. I think I am on my third month now! I always love getting suggestions for new drinks to try so I loved this post. 🙂


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