So I’ve seen a lot of contraception posts floating about the blogging universe, so I thought I’d share my experience with you. Plus I have a really nifty way of making sure you’re ready for when ‘Aunt Flow’ visits.



I’m going to start from the beginning. When I was 15 I had a long-term boyfriend who was older than me (2.5 years) so my Mum inevitably knew what was going on. Being a family of foster carers we had our fair share of babies to look after while we were growing up so nobody wanted anyone to get pregnant at this point. At around 16 I remember thinking yeah I could totally do this I want a baby. I am so glad I didn’t, 1 because I am no longer with that boyfriend and 2 I would never have moved away and be where I am now. ANYWAY I asked my mum if we could book an appointment to the doctor and we talked through my options. I wanted to get an implant but didn’t want to have a 3 month period. So I was put on the pill. At the time it was called Cerazette. You take this pill without any breaks and its supposed to stop your periods, which it did for me. This is why I took it, they wanted to stop my periods before the implant so I wouldn’t have ghastly year-long periods, which actually worked.


I lasted around 1 year with the implant the first time. I had it done on my 16th birthday by the same nurse who gave me my jabs as a baby. Emotional times for everyone. ‘ the Isle of Wight for you, everyone knows everyone and nothing ever changes. I was told to keep taking the pill while on the implant so that I wouldn’t get periods. I ended up getting very sad. This is a fluffy way of putting it. I was under CHAMS (worst experience of my life) I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety problems. I was put on anti depressant’s, which I came off early and quickly as the people around me didn’t want me to take them. Long story I might go into that at some point. So Implant came out, I went back on the pill and I was fine. No periods, still depressed etc but no periods and no babies so win some loose some situation.


Fast forward to January 2014 I became single and didn’t want the horror stories of  ‘The pill not working’ to come true so I got the implant again. As stupid as it sounds, the risk of getting pregnant when in a relationship didn’t scare me as much as getting pregnant with someone who could be a random. I didn’t sleep about, in fact I did the complete opposite, but I didn’t want to get pregnant with someones baby who I was in a ‘complicated’ situation with.

At this point I still lived with my parents, my mum didn’t like me having the implant as I was a grumpy bitch. That is a massive understatement, I was horrid. So I moved out, in March I rented a flat in the centre of Southampton and left the Isle of Wight, on my own with no one to be moody at.

Fast forward again to December 2014, I meet Adam my prince charming everything is great and eventually we move in together to a 1 bed flat with Betsy the cat.

I wasn’t as moody, and I didn’t experience any weight gain or acne. What did happen though was random heavy and horrible periods. This lasted around 9 months, so come November I got it removed. Back on the pill and here I am.



Unfortunately I do now have periods, they’re not predictable which is a bloody nightmare. That’s why this idea from Pink Parcel changed my life. They sent this to me this month to review and it came at just the right time, if you know what I mean!  It comes packed with everything you could need, you can request either tampons or pads, I got a mixture just so I could see. you can specify the brand, img_1001but since I was out of the period game for 2 years I didn’t have a clue so I asked if they could just send me whatever they recommend. The most adorable part of this is that it comes with a little section of treats and things to cheer you up. If you’re pretty good with predicting your periods this is the ultimate thing for you. If you’re like me and Aunt Flow visits at random times whenever she wants, or she doesn’t turn up for 3 months and you’re like YES BY BITCH then she pops up again having these little boxes stored up is perfect. The amount of times I’ve img_1005been caught out like DAMN here she is again and I have not got the guest bed ready (aka you know what) its ridiculous. Luckily I can predict when I’m going to come on as I get horrid back pain so it’s not the end of the world or a constant gross messy surprise every month. A little side note here, the tea that was sent with this was amazing, I’ve placed an order for more to come through it was cranberry and coconut!  I’ve just found out that the creator of this tea is Gareth Gates, and now I love it even more. Also check out the amazing bronzer that came with it! They literally thought of everything.



If any guys accidentally read this and got grossed out, deal with it. I bleed for a week every month and don’t die, what can you do!?

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Much love xx


*These products were gifted to me for my review*


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