I’m back with another foodie review! I was invited to the white star tavern for a meal last week. I’ve been to this place so many times as its just a stone throw away from my old flat, but I have never eaten here. I wasn’t expecting much, I knew they did nice cocktails I just assumed it would be ‘pub grub’ oh boy was I wrong! 

Our booking was at 7, Adam and I were starving so we turned up 30 minutes early. The lovely waitress took us to our table and got us some drinks. It was very quiet in the restaurant at this point. I assume normal people eat later than us but after a stressful day at work I couldn’t wait to sit down and eat! We ordered some cocktails and checked out the menu. I for some strange reason didn’t order my usual mojito, I went for an earl grey tea cocktail. Which was a very peculiar taste however it was served in a little tea pot which made everything worth while. 

We ordered some bread while we chose our stater and main. The waitress said the chef wanted us to try his own butters so she bought out a selection. The burnt butter was my favourite but the salted caramel was Adam’s. With our minds already blown we ordered our starters and mains. There was no big gaps in between courses which is perfect for us. Adam and I for some reason get things done very quickly, so the fast and perfect service was amazing. The food was incredible. Even a week later we’re telling everyone how good it was. Our friends went down there the next day as we couldn’t stop raving about it. It takes a lot to impress Adam and I think even now his mind is still blown away from the quality of our evening.

I’ve had my fair share of steaks, I’ve been to gauchos at tower bridge London and various other places but the steak at white star tops them all! It’s very rare (see what I did there) that I’ll ask for medium rare and actually get something that I consider to be medium rare. The truffle and Parmesan fries were incredible. Adam like every other man in the world hates side salad but he took a bite and looked up at me like a little child at Christmas ‘even the salad is amazing’. 

The presentation of our deserts were amaing, death by chocolate part 1 and death by chocolate part 2. 

I don’t know if we were so blown away because we didn’t expect much, but this hands down our new favourite place to eat.

The good thing about the White star is that if you did want to stay out and have a couple of drinks, you can, because you’re on a street full of bars and pubs! 

One of my favourite things about this visit was that it felt like the chef was incredible passionate are about what they were doing. All of the staff were so happy and polite. I urge everyone who is near and far to go to the White star at least once in your life. Even if it’s just for desert it will blow your mind. 

Another foodie review will be coming soon as tonight we are off to another restaurant in Southampton! 
Much love!! 


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