Hi guys, I’m so excited to say I finally plucked up the courage to attend a blogger event! I get invited all the time, and I NEVER go because I’m always so anxious. I met up with the Southampton Blogger girls for a fun filled day at Oxygen Free jumping. I have been wanting to go here for so long, but where I live away from the majority of my friends and family, I’ve never found the right company to go with.

I literally took a leap of faith with this event. (eww I’m sorry about that) I spoke to the lovely Chloe before hand and we arranged to meet as I was so nervous! We turned up introduced ourselves to everyone, there were a couple of other people like me who had never been to an event before so it was really nice and reassuring.

On arrival we were given out jazzy trampolining socks, sat through a quick safety presentation and off we went. Being at an event where you have never met anyone, it’s hard to have a discussion while you’re all jumping around while loud music plays like you’re on a night out. This being said making a fool of myself definitely made ‘breaking the ice’ much easier.

This event was so much fun, but so exhausting. This may be my new favourite cardio. Who would have thought jumping around on trampolines for an hour would be so great. Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures or anything so I’ve pinched these from the other girls.img_2306img_2296

blogger, oxygen free jumping

I would totally recommend going here with your friends, it’s a nice random thing to do and I’ve seen these popping up all over the place recently! Get down there and have some nostalgic fun!





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