This a small sample of my slogan/ graphic TEE’s. I love a good t-shirt, they’re perfect for embracing your inner geek. Autumn/ Winter is a great time to wear them because they’re comfortable and you can wear your favourite jumper over the top, if you’re not feeling like walking around with ‘DON’T BE A DICK’ wrote across your chest. Day to day as much as I love the idea of spending my days in fancy clothes, the reality is I’m in my fluffy minion pyjama bottoms and a comfy tee. The secret life of me revealed. The internet is a lie, everything is exaggerated remember that when you’re looking at these people on Instagram that have the ‘perfect life’ not all is as it seems. Although me wearing minion pyjama’s rather than a flattering body con may not be a massive surprise, the truth behind some peoples photos may shock you. Life advice – Take everything with a pinch of salt. 

  • I am now selling a lot of these Tee’s on my Depop as I am running out of storage! Search amymariesowerby to find me!

Marvel and Reece’s tee’s are from Primark £6 Each. 

 Pray for your haters, THE END, and THE INTERNET –


Always there for me TEE –  Zara £15 

DON’T BE A DICK TEE – is from

Barbie TEE –

Clueless TEE –







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