Hi guys sorry I’ve been a bit absent recently. I handed my notice in last month, to a job I really loved. Everyone keeps saying ‘It’s such a shame because you really loved that job’ and yes, yes I did. I loved my job and I loved the people I worked with. But shit happens, people disappoint you and you move on. I have to be careful with what I do and don’t say but long story short I am sad I have had to leave but everything happens for a reason. Also I am going to be cutting down on the amount of blogging I’m doing. I know it may be counter productive but I’m not going to be doing paid posts or posts in exchange for things as I am so fed up of companies messing me about and pestering me for posts. I have literally had the shittest couple of months and getting constant messages about ‘when will you be posting’ is just not helping. AT ALL. So going forward I am going to be writing about what I love and nothing else. I have a backlog of collaborations and projects to get through but hopefully as of 2017 I will have my mojo back and be writing about things I care about.

This all being said, I am very grateful for the companies that do want to work with me and the beautiful people who follow me (aka you guys). While my head was all over the place with police interviews and discussions with my doctor Adam and I went for a lovely meal at Pitcher and Piano which ironically the place where Adam and his friend Tim told me I should quit my job (around a year ago) so great memories of this place, but I had never eaten here. Not being from Southampton I don’t know all the best places to go to, so I am slowly making my way around the city trying out new places. Being the simple human I am I just ordered a burger and sweet potato fries, and a virgin mojito. I don’t like drinking when I’m not feeling 100% as I feel it would be very easy for me to fall into drinking away my problems and that is a habit I could do without.

Our waiter was delightful, so sweet and helpful, the views of this place are gorgeous looking out onto Ocean Village seeing the stars twinkling in the sky. Plus it’s just far away enough from the hustle and bustle that it’s actually quite peaceful.

Okay so slight white lie in that I got chips and then sweet potato fries as an extra side, but come on I was sad! Adam is learning that I have to take photos of the food before we eat. He’s very understanding about the whole blogging situation and was actually the person that encouraged me to do it. Ladies find a man who will help you grow and hold your hand along the way. I like to think I’m independent but having Adam by my side has made me so much stronger, he’s loving supportive and fun to be around.

Our meal was great, Pitcher and Piano has a lovely atmosphere. I tried to take a photo of the view but it was pretty dark so you can’t see much. As I was sad and in a rubbish place when we came here we left pretty quickly. I feel awful because if I was in a better state; mental health wise, I could have happily stayed here for a couple of drinks after, but in this case I just wanted to go home. One of those days, some might say.


Fast forward to now and I’m not as sad. Trying to be positive  and look to the future but when something literally throws you off the tracks of life it takes a god damn lot of strength to get back on it. I won’t let a shitty situation change me as a person, I am stronger and fiercer than before. But I do need a holiday away from life for a while so at a time when my blog posts catch up to me chronologically.. goodbye xx

Find your nearest Pitcher and Piano HERE



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