Hi guys, I’ve been a bit absent again as my whole world has turned upside down. My boyfriend and I have broken up, and while we’re still really good friends it’s still upsetting. Not only am I having to deal with the break up, I also have to find myself somewhere to live. Having just lost/left my job I felt as if the whole world was against me. I have been the type of person to sit and dwell on all the bad things in life, but now, being older and wiser I now know better. It never rains but it pours is a perfect saying for my situation (a couple of weeks ago anyway). Emotions are temporary, just because things are bad at the moment doesn’t mean they’ll be bad forever. A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life.

As I was living in a city where I didn’t really know anyone, I had no choice but to move back into my parents house temporarily. They live on the Isle of Wight in the middle of nowhere. No phone signal, only 1 wifi provider, it is literally hell for someone who is internet obsessed like myself. I love my family and it’s been so great to spend time with them, but I am too ambitious to settle for the quiet life of the Island. I missed the city, the buzz and the fact that I couldn’t get bad food delivered at my convince. My mum said to me how amazed she was that my whole life can change each day. One day I’m balling my eyes out heartbroken, and the next I’m super happy because a new job offer has fallen into my lap. A couple of job offers later, I received a call which answered all of my dreams. I’m not going to go into too much detail, long story short, someone found my blog and my online work and said so many lovely things about it and in turn asked me to come and work for them. It’s the most rewarding thing when someone compliments you on something that you’ve created. When I’m writing I don’t think about the people reading about it (sorry guys) I write about what I want to write about and that is why I love it. To hear that someone has faith in you and your abilities is amazing.

As always I’ve rambled on and gone off on a tangent. This blog post was supposed to be a homewear haul wish list but you’ve got a life update as well. So moving on, the situation I am in now is I have an amazing job in digital marketing, I’ve found myself a lovely little house to move into and now I need to find stuff to fill it with to make it homely. My first flat was furnished so I didn’t have to buy furniture, then I moved into Adams flat, and then we moved into the house. So I don’t have anything, which you could look at like omg my life sucks I am such a bum, or you can look at it like YAY I GET TO GO TO IKEA AGAIN!!! I’m currently the latter. Obviously initially I need to get the main bits like chairs and a bed etc, but once all is complete I will be filling it with these wonderful items from Espirt. All the images are linked directly to the shop!

I have wrote a wish list from Espirt before – here I love this store. I was amazed when I first came across it as it’s like a one stop shop for everything, clothes homeware and kids stuff, it’s all reasonably priced and so on trend. If you get any bits make sure you tag me so I can see them! Shop Espirt here, http://www.esprit.co.uk/  MASSIVE thank you to all the people who have helped me the last couple of weeks. Ironically Adam (ex) has been amazing letting me stay at his house and helping me in every way he can. Massive thanks to Chloe for all of the  support and listening to my ramblings. (link to here blog here)  Thanks to Cara for listening to me moan and actually giving some really good advice. My beautiful friend Tamara for checking in on me and making sure I’m ok. My lovely Becky for sending me virtual hugs. I could sit here for ages writing all the lovely people that have sent me their love during this time, Maddie, Alice, Ellisha you’re all wonderful and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I’ve linked their blogs/Youtube’s so check them out and give them love. Simple things like tweeting me a heart emoji just made me feel ten times better so thank you!

Obviously my family have been amazing during all of this as well. My 3 year old brother has been great, giving me his minion toy to make me happy, and looking at me while I was getting ready and saying ‘Amy you look really pretty’  all of the things that everyone has done has been so little and simple and it just means the world.

As always much love, and I will be back with more once my life is back on track.



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