I wrote a post the other day about how if you want to do something or wear something just do it. Be you, in every aspect of your life. I work in an office where guys out weigh girls by about 95% and the majority of them don’t have a clue about fashion. (God Bless them) Anyway, recently I’ve been adding subtle hints or jazziness with bold boots. They keep me warm in the cold winter months and give me a bit of height. At only 5″4 I need all the help I can get, although I love being smaller. I thought I’d show you all the cute boots I’ve collected over this season. I will leave links below so you can shop these beautiful boots. You need to get our hands on some sassy boots so you can strut your stuff anywhere and any time! (Thank me later)


 Floral Boots – EGO 

Mustard Suede Boots  – EGO

Grey Suede Boots – Quiz Clothing

Black Suede Sock Boots – Sole Wish

Khaki Boots – Quiz Clothing

Nude Boots Glass Heel – PLT


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