I am lucky enough to have been bought up with a sister who is only 20 months younger than me. She was one school year below me so we hang out with each other’s friends and became very close. We lived in what we believe to be an incredibly haunted house (post here) so we have experienced weird things together.

When we were teenagers our boyfriends were good friends so the 4 of us had a cute little group to hang out with, which normally involved them playing FIFA while me and my sister entertained each other. In 2012 my little brother was born. My Mum and Dad tried for 2 years to fall pregnant and as they were getting older and it seemed time was running out they had IVF and ICSI and thankfully my Mum fell pregnant on the first go. This was a difficult time as a couple of days after she had the procedure done, my granddad and her dad passed away unexpectedly. Charlie was due on Christmas day, but with my mum being diabetic, there were some complications and she was induced on 27th November around 10am. At this point in my life I wanted to be a midwife, so alongside my dad I was one of her birthing partners. Mums labour took around 36 hours, I was sent to the doctors office to have a sleep because I looked ill, to this day dad and I say it’s the worse nights sleep we ever had. We were on uncomfortable hospital chairs while mum was lead out in a lovely reclining bed. While she was having contractions for 36 hours, we drew the short straw for sure (sorry mum just kidding). Charlie was born one month early on my late granddad Colin’s birthday which we all thought was a strange coincidence. He only weighed 4lbs and was in NICU for a week while he because strong enough to come home.

Now unfortunately for Charlie, he inherited all of the illnesses I have as well as some of my sisters so he’s a very sickly boy but very smart. Too smart if you ask me. He’s 4 now, and he has a ridiculously good memory. By the time Charlie was 2 me and my sister had both moved out. I moved off the island and Lucy moved in with her fiancé. His main sibling became the dog.

I hate not being around to see him grow up but I still visit when I can. My sister is also ill she has seizures and no one knows why. My siblings are both so different; we are all different to be fair. Charlie and I are very open about how much we love each other, with lots of cuddles and time spent together; my sister and I are not like that at all, she hates it when I tell her I love her.

Charlie is an adorable little boy who every so often will look at me and say –  ‘Amy I love you you’re very pretty’ I do not know who taught him this but I love it he melts my heart. My brother and sister play massive parts in my life I am happy to have such a big age gap because I get the best of both worlds.

Appreciate your siblings because they are a part of you, they are your family and you cannot choose that!


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