We have all experienced negative people in our lives, whether it is them doubting your ability to achieve your dreams, or a negative comment about your appearance. Some are worse than others are, but this is what you should do about it.

Help them

That negative attitude is a cry for help. Just because someone said a bad thing, it does not make him or her a bad person.

While this is easier said than done I like to look at it from an outsider’s point of view. When I go to work, I do not dress how ‘normal’ people dress. I rock up with my colourful hair, extravagant shoes and sometimes-lazy outfits. I could beat myself up every time someone made a comment about my appearance but in reality, it’s a compliment. Thank you for saying I have hair like *insert joke about whatever colour my hair is that day* what I hear is Amy you do not look like everyone else, and I like that. If you hear people giggling and criticising about what you put online, be happy because it means that, number one they have seen your content (yay stats) but also yay because their lives are so dull they’re more bothered about yours.

  • Encourage the Disheartened
  • Motivate the Repressed
  • Help the Hurt
  • Strengthen the Weak
  • Inspire the Depressed 
  • Empower the Discouraged

In the blogging world, there are many people who will shit on you to try and achieve some kind of online success. We as humans are in this together; we should encourage each other and help each other grow. Just because one person is more successful that you, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t and for all you know they might wish they had a life like yours.

Stop worrying about other people, just do you. If my hair changes colour daily does that affect who you are as a person? No, so carry on being the best you can be and turn negatives into positives.


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