While your normal travel blogger will find beautiful locations around the world, I find beauty where I live. This is solely down to the fact that I do not have the time to travel around the world. It is all well and good making excuses, I could travel if I really wanted to, but I love my life, I have two baby guinea pigs and a full time job that requires me to be in the UK. Despite the fact I am yearning to travel I want to find the beauty around me first. Therefore, this weekend we took our tent and went to find adventure in the New Forest.

I have been camping all my life, as kids we never went abroad (apart from Lapland). I am no stranger to the outdoors as most of my childhood was spent in forests making dens out of logs and playing in fields with all of our animals. The best part is I now have an adventure buddy who is just as crazy and hungry for adventure as I am. Being that he is ex-army, he is no stranger to sleeping outside in the cold. Highlight of the trip: ‘Your outside skills are giving me a boner’ – this is a slight glimpse into the whimsical and passionate relationship we have. 

My Dad taught me how to build the perfect fire, and how to forage for the perfect wood to build an impregnable wall. 

We set up camp just as the sun fell, darkness spread through the forest like wildfire. It seemed as though we blinked and it was suddenly pitch black, which bought us a sense of security. For a short while at least, then all I could think about was what if there was a zombie apocalypse right now, what if there was a murderer in the woods and they can see us from the glimmer of our fire but we would not see them until it was too late.

Aside from me being a terrible camping companion, we ate we watched the fire and we drank cheap cider until the fire burnt out and we took to safety in the £15 tent. You aren’t supposed to camp in the forest unless you’re at a campsite because they don’t like you leaving rubbish (obviously we took all of ours with us). I did not sleep.  I just couldn’t get comfortable on the hard, bumpy forest floor.  At 430am I was cold and needed a wee. Too scared to go alone he came out with me in his poor choice of camping shoes (flip flops). It was still dark and bloody cold to say the least, so I had a risky wee next to the tent only for him to later step in it which in my tired state found hilarious. We decided that while it was still dark, it was light enough to pack everything up and head home (it was not). Within 20 minutes we were all packed up and trekking through the forest trying to find the car.

When we got back to the car there was ICE on the widescreen, clarifying that I was not being a typical woman, and it was bloody cold. We threw the stuff in the car and drove through the forest as the sun rose revealing sleeping ponies and cows in the fields. I did stop at McDonalds on the way home to grab a breakfast because I deserved it and needed it.

I believe you do not have to get on a plane to see beautiful things; there is beauty all around us. We had nothing but ourselves, shelter, food and the wild and we had so much fun laughing and joking and sometimes just sat in silence watching the fire dance. 

Go outside, piss in the forest and risk food poisoning from a risky barbecue it’s fun, trust me.


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