I’m addicted to nostalgia. I am always looking to recreate feelings and moments from my past, mainly from my childhood. Since moving away from home to a city where I know no one its easy for me to romanticise the life I once had. My first year away from home was hard; I didn’t really mix with anyone other than the people that I worked with. I eventually met as guy made friends with his friends and girlfriends met more people, gained the confidence to join more groups, netball teams and blogging groups and now I have myself a nice circle of friends in the city that I live in. That being said I still long for childhood memories, adult life is hard and any reminder I get I cherish it.

As children we did a lot of baking. My mum and my lovely Nana were always making something, be it knitting cardigans, growing veg or baking bread they were always making something from nothing. This idea is something I’m now implementing in my own life. Before my brother was born I knitted him some booties, and I regularly make cakes for loved ones in my life. I am now looking to go one-step further, to the ultimate housewife creative. I want to make bread. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, I’ve had my eyes  on Panasonic bread makers. I remember my mum making bread and It taking hours, but when the long wait was over and the smell of freshly baked bread filled the house it was so worth it. While I don’t have children to pass these lessons on to just yet, I am practising. Nowadays people want instant gratification, nobody waits for anything, with contactless payments and next day or even same day delivery we get what we want instantly. The love, time and effort that go into making your own produce is something that can’t be bought and is something that needs to be passed down to future generations.

Show me your homemade goodness!


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