Overtime you will understand whether we have the same taste in shows. I tend to have the TV show taste of a man aged 30 and over. However this doesn’t mean it’s not good.

I would recommend giving this show a try, the episodes are short, Danny DeVito is in it it’s just good old fashions narcissistic humour. IMDb paints the picture of this show by describing it as Five friends with big egos and slightly arrogant attitudes are the proprietors of an Irish bar in Philadelphia. This hits the nail on the head (as you’d expect)! 

A group of friends, some related, some not; this fictional show unravels into a web of painfully awkward yet hilarious situations. If you’ve got a dark sense of humour, this is definitely for you. 

I started watching this as I hate silence in the morning when I’m getting ready. I like to have a TV show on to keep me company in my lonely house (saddo alert)! While this started as background noise I actually got really into it. I ploughed through 12 seasons in about a month. Pretty proud of that if I’m honest. The humour is simple yet genius, you can almost pick this programme up and drop it whenever you want. the episodes loosely follow from each other. I’ve fallen asleep on several ‘hungover Sundays’ watching this, I let the episodes play and when I awake I continue. 

I will be re-watching this, from season 2 anyway because that’s where Danny turns up. 

With any show that I love I love reading the Trivia behind it so here we go:

  • Mac and Dee are actually married in real life, they have 2 children together. 
  • Charlie Day and ‘The Waitress’ are married in real life. – Once you’ve seen the show this will make you VERY HAPPY.
  • Mac (Rob McElhenney) the writer and creator of the show, as well as one of the leads, says he came up for with the nickname ‘Sweet Dee’ for the character Dee (now his wife) after he had a girlfriend called Sweet Dee which he loved so much he used it in the show. 
  • In the episode “Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad”, we can clearly see Charlie giving himself a tattoo, which is meant to say “Bad News” in his apartment, while he and Mac try to “get hard”. They are, however, interrupted by Frank and Charlie never finishes his tattoo. His tattoo, which says “Bad New” is visible in every episode afterwards.
  • Kristen Wiig auditioned to play Sweet Dee.
  • According to Glenn Howerton, the song ‘The Sun Always Shines on TV’ by a-ha was the inspiration for the original title.
  • Since Danny DeVito was only available for 20 days of shooting during season 2, the production crew had to work on all 10 episodes of the season at once, often shooting scenes from multiple episodes in one day.
  • Was almost canceled after its first season but renewed at the last minute when FX executives decided to give it room to grow. It has gone from the brink of cancellation, to being one of the highest rated and most popular shows on FX, and when the 14th scheduled season ends it will be tied for longest running live action american comedy series.
  • Mac (Rob McElhenney) is the only character actually from Philadelphia
  • In June 2011 it was reported that Rob McElhenney had gained 50 pounds in the previous six months so that the other members could make fat jokes at him. 

I hope you enjoyed this, if you’ve seen the show already I hope you enjoy the trivia and if you haven’t seen it yet, DO IT NOW. 


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