I get my fair share of abuse for publicising my life online, and I’m happy to take it. It’s part of the job. ‘You look so much better online’ and remarks around my food photography at meals with friends. I’m very good at shrugging this off because they’re right. It’s annoying when I make people wait and yes my pictures online are the best version of me because why would I put a bad one up if I had a choice? Social media is a lie and I’ve said it a thousand times. 

BUT when I am approached around 4 times in about 2 days with comments of ‘talking about mental health online is attention seeking’ or ‘why would you air your dirty laundry out for the world to see?’ My answer is this (said this to their faces too) –

Writing about my struggles with my mental health is so therapeutic. It helps me, its a form of treatment. Also the amount of people that walk in and out of my life in ‘the real world’ that say to me ‘oh I read your post and it really resonated with me I really struggle too’ no amount of negative comments could stop me, because even if it is only a handful of people, it’s a handful of people who no longer feel alone. 

It baffles me that in 2017 people (mainly men) are still so quick to judge when they read, or get wind of someone writing about their mental battles. 1 in 3 PEOPLE suffer, mental health issues show no remorse for your gender it can happen to anyone: age, gender, life history, nothing is relevant because its a chemical imbalance that affects a great deal of people. 

I will never stop doing what I do because someone doesn’t like or understand why. The amount of messages I receive from people; people I don’t even know, makes it all worth it. Those thank yous, those easy conversations I have with people I’ve just met, the open up about their struggles because they know I’m not here to judge. 

One of the first conversations I had with my boyfriend was around mental health blogging, and now 6 months in he’s blogging too and he loves it. (Find him here) People I work with have come forward saying they struggle too, people message me asking for help about people they know. People who think they’re alone no longer feel that way, because there’s some erratic lady online that feels that way too. 

So, I’m SORRY if my open book approach to mental health offends you, but I don’t care.

To quote an almighty person (Dido)  

Oh I am what I am, I’ll do what I want, but I can’t hide.

Speaking out is not attention seeking, its raising awareness. I get zero sympathy for my posts online, the only response I get is people thanking me and that is what is important to me. 

So thank you, for contacting me and giving me a reason to block out the haters I don’t know what I’d do without you, you help me be a better person, so to quote Dido again – Thank You. 


One thought on “Talking About Your Mental Health Online is ATTENTION SEEKING

  1. There’s such a stigma about mental health because people can’t
    identify with it. It’s not tangible. You break a wrist and everyone rushes over
    to sign your cast but you suffer from something in the mind and people rush
    away from you. We accept emotions like grief because we can identify with them
    but those emotions that we cannot identify with we turn away from and scowl
    upon because of pure ignorance.

    This is why I have decided I want to write a book about my
    anxiety journey and the stigma of mental health in general. If anyone has any
    opinions or thoughts that they would like to share with me or ideas of things
    they think need to be included in the book please do not hesitate to email me
    at rosie.olivia28@gmail.com 🙂 x


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