If you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed my weight gain. I put this down to a couple of things but it is fair to say I’ve had a stressful year so far. I’ve put on 1 stone on top of the 1 stone I was already unhappy about so I was sat at 2 stone above where I wanted to be. I was sad and desperate to lose weight and put a spring back in my step. I was looking around at a variety of options, I’m not terribly good at eating healthy, it’s easier when you live with someone who is good at eating right (shout out to my ex). Now, living alone, I eat quick and simple dinners and snack throughout the day. This is something I wanted to change, but, being the gluttonous creature I am, I struggled.  

Weight loss companies often approach me to review their products and normally I say no. Just because I’ve done it and although I receive some kind of result it was never in a healthy way. After SlimLifeTea approached me, I did some research into how their product worked and after reading the reviews online I was convinced. The best part about their tea is that they are 100% non-laxative which is something that is normally a common element. No one wants to lose weight by being sat on the toilet constantly! This isn’t a healthy way to lose weight and I wouldn’t recommend it. 

SlimLifeTea is made from Red Oolong tea, which actually has a nice natural flavour. The tea works by increasing your metabolism and I found it reduced my appetite so I stopped snacking completely, which if you know me, is a massive deal. 

Benefits I’ve Found Using SlimLifeTea

I am almost 2 weeks into the 28 day  COMPLETE PROGRAM  and already I have seen a weight loss of 6lbs. 

This tea is all natural, I normally snack all the time and since drinking this I’ve stopped – completely.

 The purpose of the tea is weight loss, but it would be rude of me not to mention the other amazing benefits I’ve noticed since using it. I am so alert. I would get in from work and have zero interest in doing anything. I have recently got a little kitten and she keeps me up at night being all adorable, and normally this would have really affected my work, but since using SlimLifeTea I am awake, alert and magically happier. 

As mentioned before I was a big snacker. I have a big jar of sweets on my desk, and am often greeted by vendors with donuts and treats, I am now at a point where I am no longer hungry and seeking delicious treats. This tea has changed me – while this sounds super corny it has made a massive difference.

As you can see I’ve lost a couple of lbs in a week and I’m certainly a lot less bloated. In 2 weeks I’ve lost 6lbs.

If you’re looking to lose some pounds and trying to combat fatigue this is the tea for you. 

Here is where I read the reviews, so if you want to know more check out their website, read other people’s reviews and let me know your thoughts!

The tea is available here: https://slimlifetea.co.uk


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