This month has been a hectic one to say the least. My life is changing for the better I’m learning lots about myself and trying to remember to appreciate the little things in life.

In my post 5 steps to a happier life I mention the importance of affirmations. This post is about the importance of prompts for affirmations, as it’s not always easy to force yourself to say or think things.

Good things take time

 You may think this is  a bit of a random switch so soon into this post, but think about it, at how many points in the day are you more than 5 steps away from your phone? I am so guilty of being the girl who always has her phone near or on her, but is terrible at replying. So following this theory is there any place better to put your affirmation prompts? I was recently sent this phone case from All In Flavour, they have loads of different designs and quotes available for a variety of phones and the quality is like no other. I hate cheap plastic cases, I’ve had so many crumble under the pressure of supporting my fast pasted life, in which I drop my phone 4 times a day. I have a tremor I shake more than the average human, it’s not my fault I’m clumsy, its medical.  This phone case has a matte finish so isn’t slippery and shiny, it’s easy to hold and the quote is my favourite ‘Good things take time’.

Our own timeline 

I am so guilty of rushing around, I love getting all my jobs done, there’s no better feeling than ticking off a chore from my list. I jokingly said to a friend the other day, I write lists about writing lists; but I do. A list of the lists I need to create: blog work, normal work, house work, beauty routine and things I need to buy. I, like many others, often beat myself up because I tend to give something my all and when I don’t get that back it breaks my heart. Sometimes it’s important to remember that good things take time, and your timeline is different than others. My favourite example is this, Obama retired at 55 but Trump started at 70. We’re all on our own timeline. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not where the person next to you is, remember.. Good things take time.

If you’re looking at investing in a high quality and aesthetically pleasing phone case that also doubles up as support for a happier life look at what All in Flavour have to offer, send me your pictures!



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