Scent Triggers

This year I underwent some CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for PTSD. I learnt so much. One thing that stuck with me was how powerful sense triggers can be (seeing certain things, hearing certain things, and even smelling certain things).

Ever since I was little, smells take me back to certain childhood memories. Smells are so important for me, they mark certain points in my life. For example, I will remember the perfume I was wearing when I first met someone, or even the fragrance they were wearing. Then forever more this will remind me of them. It’s not all about perfumes, certain candles remind me of living with my parents at Christmas time, or the smells of cakes baking reminds me of my Nana. 

This year has been an amazing one for me. It’s been hard, but so many fabulous things have come out of it and because of this I am giving myself a new fragrance. This way I will have a new trigger, which will remind myself of how far I have come. I am investing in some Luxury Fragrance Gift Sets from Clive Christian. The smells are so powerful it’s sure to be a good reminder of what a fantastic year 2017 has been. 

My post on What I Have Learnt in 2017 was an important one. I’ve tried to write it several times but failed due to not being able to find the right words (ironic). But it’s all about finding the positive in what has happened this year (and life). Sometimes, especially for people who suffer with mental health issues, it’s important to really force yourself to focus on the good. The mind can remember things a certain way (sometimes incorrectly) and this is why I think it is important to force a scent trigger into your brain to remind you of something positive in your life. 

Are there any smells that take you to a certain place? Or a smell that reminds you of a certain someone? Let me know what works for you. 


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