Everyone seems to be so obsessed with finding their niche. I think blogging has become a bit of a game where some people; not all, but most, aren’t willing to help others out of fear of it delaying their ‘boom’.

I have pretty much winged it so far. Figuring out what the hell SEO means (and how to implement it), how to create banners and logos to the correct dimensions, discovering the art of HTML coding and finding the best platforms for making money as a blogger (blog post to follow).

The overwhelming obsession to be different, is quickly becoming the norm; how ironic. By doing this, bloggers are forgetting what makes them unique. The one thing in every aspect of life that makes them different from the rest. You are your niche. There is only one you, you are the thing that differentiates from the rest. Yes there are literally thousands of bloggers in the world, but there is only one you and your thoughts, ideas and creativity are what sets you from the rest.

Never stop believing in yourself. Self doubt kills more dreams than anything else so keep aiming high! To quote the greatest band that ever existed – Don’t stop never give up, hold your head high and reach the top. Let the world see what you have got, bring it all back to you.


5 replies on “The ONLY Blogging Tip You Need To Know

  1. Great great post! I delayed my blog for probably two years because I was trying to find that niche that you apparently HAVE to have… well I couldn’t find one lol. So I just started as me! Take it or leave it lol

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    1. That’s such a shame, glad you’re doing it now. Exactly that, if you’re just being yourself it’s so much more carefree and unique x


  2. Ah this was so nice to read, I’ve always said that to myself when I get one of those ‘I’m just another wannabe blogger’ moments. Everyone has their different personality and that’s the main thing I look for x x


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