Those who have been following me for a while will know I’m a bit of a home bird. I don’t tend to travel much, for a variety of reasons. But when I do travel it tends to be on a budget. I’ve been doing research into the best ways to travel on a budget, and even looking at staycations.

Whether you have very little disposable income available or you’re simply scared of the costs that come with travelling, your fears are misplaced. You don’t have to be rich to travel extensively, believe it or not. You’re rolling your eyes at that statement, but it’s true. The privilege of visiting multiple destinations around the world isn’t reserved for the elite. There are so many options for the “everyday” person who wants to don their backpack and go off on an adventure. Here are some ways in which you could travel extensively if you’re broke.

Make an extensive plan.

Start off by setting a budget and then do some online research to figure out how to afford where you want to go. The money you have available for travelling might get you further than you think. Make a list of the places you want to see on your adventure, and you can start to add up the costs of travel, accommodation, food, and other things you’ll need on your journey. Do some research online to find the best deals; looking for flights during the off-season period is a good way to save money, and staying in a hostel or an Airbnb flat is often cheaper than staying in a hotel. You might even want to look into personal online loans to help fund any leftover parts of your trip that you can’t afford. There’s always a way to finance your travels if you just plan ahead.

Get a job overseas.

Why work hard just so you might one day be able to afford a decent holiday? Instead, your career could be one never-ending holiday. You could work hard and make money but explore the world whilst doing so. There are so many careers that could give you this opportunity. You could teach abroad, for example. If you have some sort of linguistic talent or any sort of academic skill then you could pass those skills onto people in other countries and get to visit a new place whilst doing so.


But there are plenty of careers involving travel for those of us who aren’t academically-inclined; you could work on a cruise ship. There’s no better way to see the world than to work on a ship sailing from port to port throughout the year. You can work hard whilst at sea and then get to explore new places with tourists once you dock at bay. Alternatively, you could become a self-employed freelancer and have the freedom of working anywhere in the world. The point is that you don’t necessarily need to travel for fun; travelling could be your way of life.

Travel closer to home.

Whilst you should definitely take on board the advice above if you want to see the world, there’s no harm in exploring the parts of the world that are a little closer to home. There are lots of fun ways to have an adventure for very little money at all. You could head off on a road trip, for example. You could explore places in your own country that you’ve never seen before and spend as little money as possible whilst doing so. You could go camping, for example, if you want to explore the beauty of nature and pay absolutely nothing for accommodation (unless you’re camping on a proper site, of course, but it’ll still be cheap).



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