I seem to be in a constant battle with losing weight. I’ve spent hours on end researching what works and what doesn’t. There is probably not a fad diet out there that I haven’t tried. This year I want to look at healthy alternatives to losing weight and staying stronger. Here’s some interesting things I’ve discovered on the way. 

With the whole ‘new year, new me’ being bandied around a lot over the past few weeks, we see with it a lot of conflicting information. Try this for weight loss or don’t do that if you want to build muscle and get lean. The disparity of information can be confusing and leave you confused as to what the best way to achieve your goal is. So here are some common myths surrounding weight loss, and what the best options really are.

A Calorie is a Calorie

A calorie is a way to measure energy and all feed that we eat will have a certain number of calories. The myth is that all calories are the same, because on calorie of anything is the same as one calorie of anything else. But really, this isn’t quite true. Some calories are going to have a greater effect on your weight loss than other calories are. The reason being, the food we eat will have other nutritional qualities that can aid weight loss and they’ll have different metabolic pathways. Food that has more protein in but still has the same calorie count is going to aid getting lean rather than the counterpart that might be more fat-based calories. So while they are a good guideline, they shouldn’t be the be all and end all.

Supplements Will Help You Lose Weight

The industry for weight loss supplements is huge, so it can be easy to think that you need them in your life in order to lose weight. The studies are all a bit inconclusive so you have to take people’s word and experiences of it. It could be that you there is also a bit of placebo effect with this kind of thing. Someone that has sought out weight loss supplements is going to be pretty conscious about what they are eating anyway. So you shouldn’t pin all your hopes on supplements. They can help, but you need to be eating well and exercising too.

Obesity is a Choice

It can be simple to look at someone who is overweight and instantly think that they must eat chocolate cake for breakfast and never exercise. While that might be the case for some people and you might want to tell them don’t eat late at night and eat more fruit, it can be a misconception to believe that all obese people have chosen that. It doesn’t take much to be classed as ‘obese’ and there are some genetic conditions that lead to weight gain; take PCOS or hypothyroidism as examples. Insulin resistance and resistance to hormones like leptin can make weight loss difficult for people that suffer with that condition. So if you fit into this category and feel like you’re trying as hard as you can, then it is important to remember that losing weight isn’t about willpower alone.

Have you set yourself any goals to achieve, especially around health and weight loss? Hopefully debunking these myths can help you to look at things a little differently and help you to achieve your goals.


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