You might like to think of yourself as a confident individual. However, have you ever not done something that you’ve really wanted to have a go at because you were suddenly crippled by self-doubt?

This could have been striving for the next rung of the career ladder, trying out a new sport or offering to give a talk about something you are particularly knowledgeable about. Your skills and attributes should be celebrated and shared, but your lack of self-esteem can sometimes prevent this from happening. Take a look at these surefire ways to boost your self-confidence and get you taking centre stage.


Whenever self-doubt begins to creep into your psyche, you need to be proactive in banishing these thoughts rather than just letting the negative feelings wash over you. Try to visualise yourself where you want to be and strive for it. If you want a promotion, picture yourself in your new role, taking on new and more important responsibilities. This is empowering and makes you more motivated to realise your dream. When your positive thoughts outweigh the negative, you can begin to look forward to the future rather than dwelling on the past.

Your Appearance

Often we have minor issues with our looks. This could be the extra few pounds you’ve recently put on or the dry, flaky skin you seem to be plagued by. Don’t despair with the aspects of your appearance that frustrate you and do something about it. Why not consider a teeth whitening session to enhance your smile, enrol at your local gym to shift some excess weight or partake in a facial or two at a spa to rehydrate your skin. Although these aren’t necessarily quick fixes, by pledging to get your appearance to a point where you are happier to go out with pals, wear more flattering clothes and stand taller, you are inevitably boosting your self-confidence.

Help Others

By volunteering our time to help those less fortunate than ourselves, we can value what we have. Aspects of your life that were sapping your confidence can now seem insignificant when you consider the lives of those you are helping. It doesn’t matter whether you are volunteering with the local soup kitchen, helping out with the admin at a local charity or listening to kids read within a school setting, the act of giving your own time can make you feel good about yourself as others thank you for your contribution.

Be Prepared To Change

It sounds obvious but to make positive improvements in your life, you need to be prepared to make a proactive change. The same goes for when you are trying to boost your confidence levels. You cannot wait for this to happen. Make small changes such as going to the gym a couple of times a week, volunteering an hour of your time to a local community initiative and taking pride in your appearance. If you are willing to change, you can implement these strategies to help boost your self-confidence.


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