We can often enough see a lot of uncomfortable things in our daily lives, and reacting to these is what leaves us with a bad feeling for a few hours, or even the rest of the day. However, a healthy lifestyle includes being able to adapt to these situations and calm ourselves down! So if you’re experiencing any trouble with overwhelming feelings cropping up more often than they should, here’s some tips for you to try out.

Fake It Until You Make It!

This is a big issue in the confidence world, and honestly, the only way to build up more and more confidence to yourself is to pretend you already have it. Of course you can ask other people for advice and compliments when you need them, but making sure you’re good in yourself before turning to others is a must!

So when it comes to looking in the mirror, make sure you tell yourself you look good! It can be as simple as that with a few words you know you want to mean. Do it more and more often and soon you’ll really start to feel it, even in those moments where you doubt yourself. And remember, you’re always going to be fine if you meet someone who doesn’t like you!

Establish Some Boundaries

A lot of the time we can above and beyond for our friends, families, and our coworkers. But sometimes these behaviours aren’t exactly the greatest ideas for our health. When we don’t put down necessary boundaries, people turn to relying on us for too much, and we get a lot more stressed out because of it.


So to make sure you’re entirely comfortable in any situation you’re put in, don’t be afraid to say no. It’ll take a bit of practice, and it might feel like you’re churning up inside, but that feeling can be quickly gotten over when you return to the tasks you already have to do. Let people know what you can and can’t do firmly but fairly, and you can even get a lot more respect for your space out of it at the end.

For Any Medical Issues

We’re all going to have medical issues in our lives, and they can range from the smallest of scars to the biggest disorders or diseases. Either way, if something to do with your health is getting you down, it’s okay to focus on the positives in your life still! Just because something so domineering is negative, it doesn’t mean that’s all you are.

You don’t even have to make an appointment with your doctor when there’s a perfectly good Dr App online at your disposal. So if you notice something about yourself or your body, or you’re coming down with a few symptoms, a quick check never hurt anyone. Do it in a few minutes from the comfort of your phone.

There’s a lot of ways to make yourself more comfortable in your daily life, and everyone has different needs.


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