The end of January will likely mark the untimely departure of many of the resolutions you so enthusiastically put forward at the start of the year. Most of us make a list as big as our arm of things we plan to do in the new year, and then a week into it we are caught with a bottle of wine and a pizza box, admitting defeat (this is literally what I did last night). 

The issue many people have with resolutions to keep fit is the fact that they will have to go to the gym and do lots of weights and run on a treadmill each week, but this isn’t the case. There are plenty of people out there who are fit and healthy, and have never stepped foot in a gym. That’s because there is more than one way to move our bodies, and one popular way is dancing. If you ever took dance classes as a child you will know that it can be incredibly fun and very tiring. You likely had the appetite of a whale and the figure of a cheetah. Dancing is an excellent aerobic workout which engages every part of the body, and most importantly its fun! Here are some of the dance styles you can try this year or get yourself fit.


Of course, ballet is one of the most difficult forms of dancing and this is why it is usually learnt at a young age, however you can actually start learning ballet at any age and still have fun with it. Due to the strength and flexibility involved in ballet, it is an excellent workout for the whole body and is one which many swear by. Have you ever seen a chubby ballet dancer?

Swing dance

Swing dance is a great option for beginners because it doesn’t require any equipment or special clothing, just bring a shirt and leggings and a pair of trainer… and you’re off! This type of dance is a great one for staying social and it can be a fun way to meet new people. Have fun as you dance around and you will not feel like you at working out at all!

Belly Dancing

If you think that this type of dance is only for middle aged women in bikinis, you would be very wrong. Although it doesn’t look as if there is much to belly dancing, it can be a great workout for your abs. Have a laugh and some fun shimmying your body and shedding the pounds at the same time.


Zumba has taken the world by storm, and it is one of the most popular ways to workout in an aerobic way. If you are an energetic and confident person, Zumba can be the perfect outlet for that excess energy and a great way to meet new friends. Have fun with the high intensity moves as well as ones which improve your balance and flexibility. Break out your inner child and have some fun with it! You’ll be fit in no time with this one.



5 replies on “Get Fit Dancing

  1. I’ve considered learning pole dancing because of all the strength it builds, and it’s honestly an art form as well, IMO.
    Sadly, the local pole dancing studio went out of business before I heard about it and there’s no dance stuff I’m even vaguely interested in around here. 😧


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