If you are getting ready to start a new job, you are probably feeling a mix of emotions right now. The wonderful mix of being incredibly excited yet anxious is a weird one! However, one of the best things you can do to give yourself a head start is dress to impress. The way you dress has a massive impact on the way you feel. It can make you more confident, helping you to get through your day at work and create a good impression.

Do your research – The first thing you need to do is your research about the company. Find out what other employees usually wear. You should also look into the company’s image and their values. If they give off an extremely professional vibe, it is likely that this translates to the way their employees dress. It is also vital to find out whether there is a dress code. If this information was not given to you during the interview, you should simply drop your boss an email to ask them. It is better to ask than to turn up in something that is prohibited.

Make sure you are comfortable Confidence comes from being comfortable in what you are wearing. If you can’t walk in six-inch heels, wearing skyscrapers is going to make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy all day long. Rather than focusing on your new job and making a good impression, you will spend the day focusing on walking without falling over.

Go for statement jewellery – There is nothing wrong with wearing jewellery to work, but make sure it is not excessive. A statement watch and a pair of diamond stud earrings will make a much bigger impression than lots of bangles and chandelier earrings will. In fact, if you go for the latter, you are probably just going to get on everyone’s nerves because your bangles will be clinking against each other all day.

Consider getting your teeth whitened – One of the best ways to give yourself a confidence boost is to focus on your smile. After all, most people deem this the most attractive feature on a person. And while you are not looking for Mr. Right, a nice smile can make people warm to you instantly. Why not look for dentists like Bright & White and compare their prices? Even a simple polish can help you to feel more confident.

Don’t be afraid to add your personality to your outfit – While you need to be sleek and professional, you do not need to be boring. Don’t feel like you need to tone down your personality. Add some colour to the mix, just make sure you keep it sophisticated and appropriate at all times.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for your first day on the job. If you follow the tips that have been provided, you are bound to look and feel a million dollars. You will confident and this will help you to tackle the day with the right attitude and make a good impression. Good luck! (Not that you will need it!)



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