If there is one thing that no one enjoys about working in an office, it’s the politics. People hear the phrase, ‘office politics’ and immediately think about being backstabbed or talked about in a negative way. Whether you like it or not, office politics are an unfortunate fact of life wherever you go. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to compromise your values or the way that you choose to work.

Choosing to ignore the negatives in office politics isn’t always easy. They can get your confidence down very quickly. Some people end up the victim of gossip or rumours, and it can really ruin the career experience that you are having. Before I go into how to turn office politics into a positive, you need to know that contacting employment law services if you are the victim of workplace bullying is important. Your safety and comfort are important, so if the negativity is too much, don’t hesitate. It’s important to be alert the office politics, even if you’re not a part of them. Rather than view the office politics as a total negative, you need to consider how you can do a switch and make those office politics work for you. So, how can you make office politics your positive?

Listen. When you understand the perspectives of the people that you work with, you can understand how to interact with them and this can work to your advantage. Don’t interrupt people and when you learn how other people function, you can base your opinions and the way that you interact on fact and not hearsay.

Involve. Office staff need to feel involved to an extent when it comes to planning and decision making. Any time that you are trying to achieve something, you need to get others involved so that they can feel like a part of the process.

Build. When you are in an office environment, it’s required that you interact with those around you. You won’t necessarily like every single person that you work with; and that’s natural – we don’t always like everyone. However, you do need to build positive relationships if you hope to ensure that you are not a topic of gossip or rumour. These relationships can also have the potential to further your career later on. Don’t burn bridges that could take you to higher places.

Compromise. When you work with the same group of people, you need to learn to compromise with each other so that you can get along nicely. Once you have built relationships, you can do this quite easily and gain the support that you need for any projects that you are a part of.

Office politics do not have to be negative for you. You don’t have to engage in playground antics – you’re an adult. However, if you are the sort of person who wants the recognition of being well-liked, you need to stay away from gossip and work on your career. Make it happen and you’ll never have to worry about workplace negativity.



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