When did you last tell your parents that you loved them? When did you last do something for your parents that wasn’t all about you, and your own agendas? When did you last show them how much you cared? Now, you may be the epitome of a perfect child for all we know, but many of us neglect our parents as we get older. Our own lives become the focus, and we don’t spend enough time letting our parents know how much we appreciate them. They won’t be here forever, and we will be full of regrets if we don’t do something to show our love while they are still here. So, if this has resonated with you, here are some simple ways to show them you care.

  • Take a cue from our article on nostalgia at https://impishoradmirable.com/, and reminisce with your parents about the wonderful things that happened in your childhood. Look through old photos with them, share memories, and thank your parents for the life they gave you when you were growing up.
  • Rather than turning your nose up at your parent’s advice, actually listen to them. They care for you and want the best for you, so don’t accuse them of nagging or roll your eyes the next time they offer you words of wisdom. You may not agree with what they have to say, but you can have a reasonable discussion without considering them a nuisance.
  • Don’t hold onto past resentments. This means forgiving your parents for anything they may have said that hurt you in the past. They aren’t perfect (and neither are you), so don’t hold anything against them. You will only become bitter if you let these things build up inside you, and that will affect the way you talk to and treat your parents. There is further advice at https://upliftconnect.com/ which we think you will find useful.
  • Make your parents a part of your life. Invite them over for a meal occasionally. Let them spend time with the grandchildren. Share your achievements with them. Talk to them on the phone or over Facetime. Simply put, don’t shut them out of your life because you have moved on. You are still their child, and while they may not admit it in fear you might think they are pestering you, they still want to take an interest in your life, even if it’s only on the sidelines.
  • Surprise them with your generosity. Buy them the occasional gift; not only on anniversaries. Organise a holiday with them. Show them kindness in simple actions, such as washing their dishes or mowing their lawn. Cook a meal for them. Whatever you do, do it with a thankful heart. You are rewarding them, and your reward will be in seeing the look of surprise and happiness on their faces.
  • As your parents get into older age they won’t want to be a burden to you. However, remember how they cared for you when you were younger. You can talk to them about their concerns. You can put a plan into action should they need extra support. You can discuss home care or consider a care home – we like http://eastleighcarehomes.co.uk/ – and you can offer your time to give them the extra help they need.
  • Say “I love you.” Three simple words, but oh so effective. Do it today, while you still have the time to do so.

If you have children, consider how you would like them to treat you as you get older. Put into practice those same things with your parents today. Take care, and thanks for reading.


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