Summer is here (well, almost), so it’s time to get into some healthy habits and practices to prepare you for the warmer months. After all, you want to look good rocking the beaches while wearing the latest runway trends, right? Of course you do, so here are some tips for getting your body into the best shape possible for you.

Lose a few pounds

Now, we don’t advocate body shaming, and you can look beautiful regardless of your body weight. Still, if you do want to shed a few pounds, to tone your body as well as focusing on your weight loss, there are a few things you can do. For starters, you should engage in a little exercise. If the gym doesn’t suit you, then go for a run around the park or take up cycling, especially if the sun is shining. Then focus on what you eat. Those takeaways and cream buns won’t do anything for your body weight, so cut the calories and eat something fresh and delicious. Replacing the traditional diet plan, you might also want to read this guide to buying HCG, another way to shed some of the fat you may have put on over the cooler months.

Care for your skin

We all know the importance of caring for our skin during the summer months – we love the sun but it’s not always good for us – but you should keep up your skincare routine all year round, especially if you want to elevate your looks when you’re out and about during this most beautiful of seasons. So, do what you probably do anyway, and give your skin that smooth, sleek look by regularly moisturising and exfoliating your winter-chapped skin. Use your favourite lotions and treat yourself to some DIY beauty treatments to further give yourself that smooth and shiny look you are probably hoping for.

The finishing touches

You may have toned your skin and lost a few pounds. Your skin may be smoother than a baby’s bottom! But it’s those finishing touches that can really make a difference; complementing the rest of your beautified exterior. What do we mean? Well, focus on your nails. You don’t want to walk around in your summer sandals with badly-cared for feet, so book yourself a pedicure to ensure you look good from top to toe. While you’re at it, a manicure will serve you well too, especially if you’re bedazzling your fingernails in bright summer colours. Then consider your body hair, if you have any. It can be an embarrassment to many of us, so a body wax or even laser hair removal may be in order to remove any unsightly spots. Finally, consider faking a tan. You want that sun-bronzed look without suffering the risks of the sun’s damaging UV rays, so follow this link for some safe ways to give you that tanned look you may be craving for your body.


These are just a few tips for giving you that fresh, hot look for the summer, but if you have any advice of your own to give us, please let us know.

I hope you have a fantastic summer!


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