There is such an emphasis on health and fitness now, that there are so many different solutions to your problems when it comes to exercise, from dancing to powerlifting. But is it the fact that we are oversaturated with every different type of solution that’s causing us confusion when picking the right workout, and are we exercising the “right” way?

How we exercise

A lot of people feel that they need to pick the right exercises in order to gain the most benefits. As a result, people who have no experience in weightlifting go for intense deadlift exercises and aim to lift as heavy as possible. However, this isn’t the best approach. Lots of people find that going on a bike ride is a practical way to get fit, but there are other external concerns when heading out on the road, such as if you aren’t well prepared, or if you are cycling in difficult weather conditions, which can lead to an accident. There’s additional info on the impacts of bicycle accidents in inner-city areas and rural areas online, but with both of these approaches to exercise, you could get seriously injured. The moral of the story is to pick exercises that are easy for you to begin with, so you can get the form right.

Is there a “right” way?

The right way for one person isn’t the right way for the next. Instead, it’s all about making sure that the heart is pumping. There’s an overemphasis on getting an adequate amount of protein so you can build muscle, and also exercising until you are physically sick, or can’t move. Think about it in practical terms, if you’re looking to gain strength, will you have functional strength in life by lifting heavy 7 days a week? It’s not going to benefit you at all. To find the right solution, you should think about what benefits your body. In other words, you should listen to your body, and when it needs rest.

Should we go hard or go home?

There is such an emphasis on exercising during every spare moment, or high-intensity interval training, that we are “supposed to” fatigue ourselves. But with the huge amounts of extreme competitions like Tough Mudder and CrossFit, this will likely lead to injuries. Which is why it’s important at the beginning of any exercise routine to focus on the form and not over-exercise. People buy vats of protein shakes and say to themselves they are going to exercise 4 or 5 times a week, and do conditioning in between, but this isn’t practical in life. The goal of exercising is to improve your health and fitness, but if you do it too intensely, this could backfire on you, and you won’t feel the benefits, and you won’t continue exercising. This is why the key is to build up gradually. This is why workouts like Stronglifts benefits people so well because once you’ve been able to lift a certain amount; you can progress to the next one. So if you want to exercise the right way, you should listen to your body, increase the tension gradually, and focus on form.


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