The one thing that you probably thought when you first started your new job is: this is it. This was going to be the place you were going to work for the next few years. You were going to get your feet under the table and get your head down and learn, learn, learn. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes, the company that you love to work for and the job you enjoy stops being so wonderful. Things don’t always work out to be sunshine and rainbows, so it’s very important that you understand when you should walk away from a job that isn’t fulfilling you, whether that’s professionally or personally.

When a good job goes bad, it could start to affect your health and the life that you are building. When you spend your time panicked about turning up for work every day, you end up being too afraid and fearful to go in, which has a long-term effect on your future. You should never be in a position where you neglect yourself or your well being for a job. A job isn’t your life and it never will be. You should be working for a company that can satisfy you, not one that tries to shunt you out the door if you’ve had an injury while performing your duties (and if this happens, you should call Dolman Law Group, they can help!). You need an employer who wants to look after your well being and further you both professionally and personally, and you shouldn’t be afraid to stand up and ask for that. So, how can you tell that you should walk away from a job that just isn’t right?

  1. No Promotion. If you’ve been at the same company for longer than three years and no one has bothered to talk to you about your next steps, it’s time to take them yourself and walk away. You need a role that will push you and grow you professionally and this just isn’t it.
  2. Total Ceiling. In your life, you need a career that is going to grow and grow, not a job that you sit around in all day. If you’ve reached a ceiling in your role and there is no more room to grow, it’s time to jack it in and move along.
  3. Bullying. You left the bullying culture behind in high school; or so you thought. Believe it or not, there are still instances of being treated poorly by grown adults that you work with. The thing is, you don’t have to put up with that, so don’t.
  4. No Challenges. The job you started and loved has become dull, repetitive and samey. You don’t enjoy the job. You dread going to work. You can’t see a way out. Well, there is. Go and find something that lights your soul on fire.
  5. No Personal Life. I don’t even need to expand on this one. Work is not your whole life, but if it’s turning out that way, it’s time to find a balance elsewhere.



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