We all need friends. To go without them would be a lonely existence. No matter how much of a lone wolf you might consider yourself to be, without someone to talk to you can drift into unhappiness very quickly. We need friends to keep us in check, and them us. Friendship is one of the purest relationships you could take part it, and arguably even more loving than many forms of romanticism. Deep friendship offers everything to a person and asks for nothing. Relationships are often built on expectation and mutual questioning, at least until that trust is built over time.

However, sometimes our friends list might take a little more stewarding to be optimal. We’ve all had friends who faded from us naturally, but others might be negative influences, while some may not gain enough of your attention in return. While it’s obvious you should never feel obligated to forcefully change your friends list, sometimes doing so can help you live your healthiest life.

Consider keeping the following friends while pruning the others:

Those That Speak To You Sincerely

We all need a friend that can speak to us sincerely. Keeping friends that are afraid to talk to us honestly or simply do not care about matters enough can be a drain on us. This isn’t true friendship. Also, don’t mistake this advice for over-honesty. Sometimes being encouraged is better than being told to revise our skill set and be realistic about an endeavour.

You’ll know when people are being helpful or simply criticising you. Aim for people who can speak to you sincerely. They will often stay balanced between the two virtues. For example, a friend who can tell you that you sorely need to visit rehab but will encourage you and help you throughout the entire process is one to keep and treasure.

Those That Care For You

Friends that care for you will make it known. They will want to spend time with you. They won’t mind or freak out of you neglect to message them for a week or so. This hidden understanding of being cool with one another yet wanting the best will permeate every decision that’s made, and help everyone feel comfortable with the relationship from start to finish.

Those That Surprise You

A friendship can often be a beautiful one if you are able to surprise one another. This might mean paying for a meal out completely or bringing a gift. It might be helping you with a ride to visit your mother in the hospital. Friends who are predictable and relatively unenthused with your relationship aren’t looking for ways to make the relationship vibrant. Remember that you should also provide this for someone. To do all this will help you both relax in each other’s company, but feel a continual interest in keeping things interesting, and in the end, the relationship will blossom for years and years.

With these tips, you will likely have a solid circle of people around you. Remember that when it comes to friendship groups, quality is often better than quantity. No matter if you have two thousand Facebook friends, you will only ever be intimate with a small selection. Care about those people, and you will always be supported in kind.


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