We are all constantly getting older, minute by minute, but that doesn’t mean that we have to feel older, minute by minute.

We’ve probably all seen examples of people in their 90’s who still fill their days with physical activities such as surfing and mountain climbing, and we’ve also probably all seen examples of people in their 20s who have so little vitality and drive that they do nothing but sit on the sofa all day.

So if you’ve been feeling the years weighing on you recently, even if you haven’t yet accumulated many of them, you might want to wait a minute before looking up average care home charges.

Here are some tips for making yourself feel years younger.

Stop the yo-yo dieting and eat filling, balanced, whole foods

Yo-yo dieting is the term given to the practice of adopting some radical and unsustainable diet, dropping a lot of weight, quitting the diet, promptly regaining the weight, and then looking for the next diet bandwagon to jump on.

This cycle of weight loss and weight gain is devastatingly bad for your health, and it has the potential to easily and completely ruin your mood as well.

An experiment done during World War 2, known as the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, had men cut weight on a daily diet of around 1500 calories for 6 months. The men in this study suffered various severe health and mental side effects, and many of them took at least a year of free eating to recover from the damage done by the experiment, gaining significantly more fat than they had before the experiment began, in the process.

Today, many diets instruct people to eat at similarly low-calorie intakes, and people suffer accordingly.

Stop the yo-yo dieting and save your health and metabolism. Eat filling, balanced, whole foods, stop counting calories, and get a decent amount of exercise.

Cut all the addictive substances out of your life

Addictive substances, ranging from nicotine, to alcohol, and even caffeine, can have a serious effect on your energy levels and sense of well-being over time, not to mention your health.

When you become addicted to a substance, your hormonal balance is heavily skewed, and various hormonal receptors typically stop working as they once did. You need to drug to feel “normal”.

Over time this can lead to, among other things, exhaustion of the adrenal glands through constant production of stress hormones, and thyroid dysfunction.

That’s to say nothing about the more lethal consequences of alcohol abuse and smoking.

Cut out the addictive substances, and once you get through the withdrawal phase, you can expect to feel far more energetic and healthy on the whole.

Keep a gratitude journal and practice positive visualisation

Often, as we get older, we become somewhat jaded in the process. The world seems to lose some of its glimmer, and we become a bit bitter.

Keeping a gratitude journal, and writing entries in it every day of what you’re grateful for, can be a powerful way of conditioning ourselves to see the good in life again.

Positive visualisation can, likewise, open us up to a more positive and empowering view of the future.


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