It’s not always easier to see your parents age for your eyes, after all, we tend to think of our mums and dads as invincible and hope that they will go on forever. However, you can help them postpone many of the mental and physical effects of aging and it to encourage them to be as active as possible. Something you can find out more about in the post below.

Use it or lose it

One way in which you can help your parent stay active is to get them to understand that the more they do, the more comfortable they will find it and vice versa.

In fact, many people describe this phenomenon,”as use it or lose it,” meaning if you don’t continue to walk to the shops, use the stairs and move from room to room, even though it may cause a little discomfort, it may lead to you not being able to do this at all.

Of course, by educating your parents on this, it can help them to stay motivated and push past some of the smaller obstacles that may stand in there way. Therefore ensuring that they remain active for longer and they gain the mental and physical benefits associated with this.

Do things together

You can also encourage your parents to remain as active as possible as they get older by getting involved with their exercise routine. After all, it always easier to do some exercise when there is someone else there encouraging you.

Also, taking a walk regularly, going to the gym, or for a yoga or pilates sessions provides some quality time for you and your parent. Something that can act as an added motivating force to get them up and around and moving.

Get them the help they need

Another important point when it comes to ensuring you parent stay as active as possible is to get them any help with mobility than they need. Luckily, there are many stores such as Premier Mobility Aids that you can use to gain access to things like walking frames that will allow them to stay up and moving even if they aren’t as stable on their feet as they would like.

After all, even if you take them for a short walk on a regular basis, this can have a massive positive effect on both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Don’t over or underestimate them

Of course, different people will have varying needs when it comes to activity and its vital that you are aware of your parent’s capabilities before you encourage them to learn to tango or do an assault course!  The reason is that you could end up doing more damage than good if they are taking parts in things that are outside of their level of ability.

Although it is also vital that you don’t underestimate them just because they are a little older either, as many people run, exercise, and even dance well into their later years, as the granny in the clip below proves.



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