A beautiful smile is a quality which many of us would like to have, and one of the best ways that you are going to be able to get this is by brushing your teeth properly.

Unfortunately, many people make common and avoidable mistakes which end up causing problems to their teeth, which can lead to them needing to see an NHS dentist as soon as possible. You may be guilty of one of the following errors, but if you can identify it now, you can make a correction which benefits you in the long-run.

Using Your Toothbrush Too Long

The average lifespan of a toothbrush should be around three months, but many people continue using them for a long time after this. You can usually see when the bristles start to become worn and frayed. Once they have lost their flexibility, they won’t be cleaning your teeth properly. As well as this, bacteria and food particles will start to accumulate on the brush, which is a pretty gross thought!

Not Brushing Long Enough

The average tooth-brushing session should last two minutes, but the for the average person, they only brush for 45 seconds. Shorter than this time and the fluoride in your toothpaste won’t have a chance to attach to the enamel in your teeth. When you cut short your brushing time, it is likely that the harder-to-reach parts of the mouth will end up suffering as these are the ones which will be neglected.

Not Brushing Using the Right Technique

Many people are guilty of not brushing their teeth in the right motion, which should be in circles. Not only is this a gentle approach, it is also one which is designed to clean the gaps in between the teeth. The toothbrush needs to make contact with both the teeth and gumline. Also, don’t press down too hard as this can lead to damage of the gums.

Brushing at the Wrong Angle  

The correct angle to brush your teeth is 45-degrees, making short circular strokes along the way. This will help to clean both above and below the gumline, which will, in turn, help to prevent cavities and gum disease. There are some toothbrushes that you can buy which already have angled bristles. They may be worth investing in as they will do half of your job for you!

Not Cleaning Your Tongue

One of the best ways of preventing bad breath and removing bacteria is by cleaning your tongue, but not enough of us are taking this action. You can get a special tongue-scraper to take care of this job for you. Otherwise, a toothbrush with a tongue-cleaner on the other side can also do the job well.

Avoiding these brushing mistakes will go a long way towards making sure that you keep your teeth at their very best, as well as avoiding any unnecessary trips to the dentist!



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