So much relationship advice out there states how a partnership should be fifty fifty. And it makes sense, when both partners are putting in an equal amount of time, effort and everything else then it makes for a harmonious relationship. However, in real life it’s not quite that simple. Maybe one of you are physically or mentally ill, stressed, overworked or just not feeling themselves; in these cases, the other partner needs to step up and pick up the shortfall. If you’ve found yourself in a position where your partner is in need of support, here are a few ways you can help.

Be prepared to do more than your fair share

While your partner is going through a tough time, perhaps you could take on their share of cooking, do some extra cleaning, do the night shift when it comes to feeding the baby or running their errands for them. If you know your partner isn’t one to take advantage of these favours and expect you to run around after them all the time, then stepping up during their time of need can really help them. Perhaps they’re studying for an exam, or putting in the hours for a presentation at work which will help them to get a promotion. You taking on their extra duties allows them to get on with it is they need to do. Maybe they’re unwell, in which case doing their errands and extra jobs, cooking for them and generally just letting them rest could help them to get better more quickly.

Consider acts of kindness

When you’re going through a tough or stressful time, it can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and everything feels overwhelming. Sometimes, a small act of kindness is all that’s needed to know you have support and you’re not really alone. It could be something as buying them a new tie to go into their interview or presentation wearing, you could look at John Henric ties for men and other similar stores to find the perfect one. You could slip a note into their lunch box with a supportive message, or you could treat them to a day out or something they’ve had on their wishlist for a while. Just a little something that shows that you’ve thought of them and are there for them can really make things easier.

Just listen

It’s so simple, and yet can be so overlooked as a way to help another person. Sometimes when we speak, we’re looking for answers, advice, an opinion. At other times, we just want to speak and have the other person listen. If this is the feeling you’re getting from your partner then just speak. Hold off on giving any advice unless it’s specifically asked for, just let them vent and say what they have to say. The act of talking through your problem can be cathartic, lots of people find solutions on their own just from speaking things through, without even needing the advice of anyone else!


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