Whoever you are, wherever you read this from, it’s likely that you want a healthy body that will see you through to a ripe old age. It’s probably that you’d like that body to be slim, limber and toned, both in your youth and your dotage. I’d also bet cash money that you’d like that body to be completely free of heart disease, diabetes, muscle and joint pain and, of course, cancer. Whatever your views on the afterlife, it’s fair to say that we only get one body on this mortal plane, so it’s incumbent upon us to look after ours. How do we do this? Altogether now…

Diet and exercise!!!

We all know that good health can never be achieved with a sedentary body that is deprived of the nutrients it needs. But while a healthy diet and regular exercise are important pillars upon which your approach to health should be built, they are far from the only boxes we need to tick or lasting health. Here we’ll look at some other steps you need to take for a healthy body… For life!

The more you know

The better you know your body, the better you’re able to look after it. Sure, some of this comes from looking in the mirror, checking for lumps and bumps in sensitive areas and using weight and measurement to ensure that we’re a healthy size and weight. But there’s really no substitute for checking in regularly with your general practitioner. Yes, it’s time consuming but it’s the best way to get a medical perspective on your body and health.

Mobility matters

When we think about our health and fitness, our thoughts are invariably occupied by how we look. We live in an extremely image conscious society, after all. Nonetheless, there are elements to good health that may not be visible or necessarily improve our appearance… But that doesn’t mean that they’re not important. Let’s take our mobility for instance. Ensuring that muscles and joints stay limber to ensure good flexibility is an essential part of maintaining a fit and healthy body. It allows us to improve and maintain our range of motion, ensuring that our bodies perform the way we want them to. It also greatly reduces the risk of injury, helps us to achieve our health and fitness goals and can keep us feeling young and healthy even in our advanced years.

Don’t wait for mental health problems to go away

It’s a sad fact that the modern world isn’t always conducive to our mental health. We work hard, often endure great stress and don’t always have a healthy outlet with which to deal with it. This can lead to anxiety, depression, lethargy and unhelpful thought patterns. While the idea of seeking treatment might feel extremely uncomfortable to you, there’s nothing more counterproductive that simply hoping that mental health issues will take care of themselves.

Get up, get moving every day!

Finally, if you’re as desk jockey who spends most of their day sitting, creating opportunities to get up and get active every day is of paramount importance. Hour after hour spent sitting can be ruinous to your health, resulting in a range of issues from digestive trouble to increased risk of heart disease.

Find an excuse to get up and get moving at least once an hour to mitigate those effects!


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