You’ve probably been a little bit tempted to have the heating on at home for a while now, and your long-sleeves will have been pulled out of the wardrobe more often. It’s definitely the time when the season, and its weather, is changing. And, unfortunately, will probably be full of coughs and sneezes (bless you). If there’s a virus or infection going around at work, in the gym, or just in general; you need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best regarding your health. As a busy woman; it can be easy to ignore symptoms, especially when they seem like common conditions during the cold weather. However, leaving a trip to the doctors too late can result in your condition getting out of control, spreading, and risking you having a long stay in bed over the coming months.


You’re Not Wasting Time

You might feel that you haven’t got time to make an appointment with your GP, perhaps their patient engagement needs improving, or you’re fearful of wasting the doctor’s time. However, by leaving your bug to manifest into something worse, or ignoring the telltale signs of illness; you’re at risk of costing the doctor’s far more time and energy in the future when they’re trying to get you better and cure your sickness. Therefore, it’s crucial to address your symptoms as soon as possible and go and speak to a healthcare professional for a diagnosis, and any potential prescriptions or advice.

It’s Okay To Source Help Elsewhere

If you’ve made an effort to get yourself to a doctor’s surgery, feel that you’ve been sent away without the right help, and your condition ends up getting worse as a result; not only should you find help elsewhere, but you could be entitled to compensation. Make sure you go to seek a diagnosis and medication elsewhere so that you can begin recovering as soon as possible, and can get on with the rest of your year in one piece. If you’ve ever noticed significant changes in your health and wellbeing, don’t be fearful of asking to see another doctor, or going somewhere new for help; your priority should always be self-care.

Openess And Honesty Are Key

When it’s not the usual cough or cold that’s making you feel ill; it can sometimes be a little embarrassing to disclose your symptoms, thoughts, and feelings. However, you must remember that the doctors really have seen it all before and their job is to help you and never to judge. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to be as open and honest to your GP as possible so that you receive the correct medication and advice, and you can begin to get better quickly. Looking after yourself, particularly over autumn and winter, by seeking the right help will not only benefit you, but you’ll have a happier healthier time ahead as a result; so, stop avoiding making that appointment. Right, now you totally deserve one of those new lattes that have been released; don’t forget that there’s plenty to look forward to during the seasons changing too!



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