To achieve your fitness and exercise goals, you need to work hard. While many people think that great results can be achieved by taking shortcuts or not making enough effort, this is far from the truth.

Many people will give up on their fitness routine in the early stages, especially if they do not see quick results. However, if you can push through and turn your new regime into something that becomes routine, you’ll soon see results.

Get the motivation you need to carry on with these tips for sticking to your workouts to help you go the distance.

Schedule your workouts

Just as you’d schedule your meetings or dentist appointments, scheduling your workouts could be a way to help you stick to them. If you treat them as something you can’t cancel or move, you could change your attitude towards working out. Put them in the calendar on your phone or book some classes that you can force yourself to go to.

Workout with a friend

Working out with a friend is a great idea if you need a bit of a push to work out. When you cancel a gym session for yourself, you’re letting yourself down – but if you cancel on a friend, you’re letting two of you down. Choose a friend who will support you and is on the same level as you to help encourage each other to reach your goals. There are plenty of good reasons to get a gym buddy, so find someone willing to push themselves with you. A class also makes a great workout environment if you hate working out solo.

Work through the pain

You know that post-workout feeling when your muscles are sore and you feel like you can’t move? That’s supposed to happen. Putting off your workout for too long because you’re tired or you’ve got muscle ache will set you back to square one. The way to combat muscle soreness is to use techniques like exercises with foam rollers, warming up and stretching properly as well as eating plenty of protein. The muscle soreness will soon disappear and you can continue to work out.

Monitor your progress

Getting on the scales isn’t the only way to measure how well you’re doing as a result of your workout. You can take measurements, take photos and judge it based on how well your clothes fit. Using a fitness tracker is a great way to measure if you’re getting fitter, allowing you to see how you’re doing with your workouts and improving your speed, resting heart rate, etc. Remember that progress takes time, so set yourself some mini goals to achieve along the way – they’ll make it easier to get to the big ones.

Exercise can be a mental battle, but if you’re willing to work hard at it – you can succeed. Keep your motivation up by getting up and going for it. You’ll feel much better for doing it and after a few weeks of regular workouts, it’ll become a normal part of your weekly routine.


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