When you hear the term ‘body modification’, it’s usually the extreme cases that spring to mind. Iris implants, tongue splitting and huge ear stretches are all images we’ve seen- which lets face it, aren’t for everyone. But body modification doesn’t have to be so full on, and there are more subtle changes we can make to enhance our appearance or show our personality. Here are some ideas!


Piercings are a fantastic way to switch up your look. They’re non permanent so can always be left to heal if you change your mind later on, although you will need to be aware of scarring. It’s usually not an issue, but if the piercing is in your face for example then it’s likely to be more noticeable. Piercings can be bold, edgy and cool or look dainty and feminine depending on what you have done and the jewellery that you choose. In your ears you could go with an industrial piercing, helix, tragus or snug amongst others. You could have your eyebrow, nose or septum pierced. Then there are endless body piercings to consider. A growing trend is dermal piercings, these are embedded into the skin with the piece of jewellery attaching directly to this. Since these can be fitted with a tiny stone or simple stud, they can look very delicate.

Tattoos and makeup tattoos

Tattoos can be as extreme or subtle as you like. From full sleeves, face tattoos and even iris tattoos- to tiny designs and even those created with white ink. These are barely visible, but the sort of thing people have done for themselves. Perhaps you have a design in mind that means something to you, but don’t want to commit to bold ink. Another way tattoos can be done for beauty, are semi permanent makeup tattoos. Take microblading for example, while they’re essentially eyebrow tattoos the ink isn’t placed as deeply into the skin so they won’t last forever. Other types of makeup tattoos involve lips and eyeliner. Always choose a reputable salon, by an artist who has plenty of experience in these kinds of procedures. When it’s your face, you really don’t want anything to go wrong!

Fillers and Botox

There’s no end of procedures you can have done these days to improve your appearance. But they’re not all extreme and under the knife. Fillers and Botox are examples, these can be done within an hour or so and require no downtime. They can make you look more youthful and more attractive, without having to spend thousands of pounds or weeks recovering. Any form of body modification should be taken seriously, so be sure to do your research. But making a change to your appearance and giving your self esteem a boost is now easier than ever.

There are so many innovative ways we can change our appearance, whether it’s to go extreme and become the next Stalking Cat, or just to look more beautiful in a subtle way.

What kinds of body modifications would you consider?



One thought on “Body Modification For Beauty: Less Extreme Changes to Consider

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