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 I don’t know why I’ve never done one of these posts before. I make trips to Primark monthly; it’s my guilty pleasure. I live and work within breathing distance of Primark so it would be rude not to pop in every now and then. I’ve chilled out on the clothes-buying front recently. I get sent too many items to review its not worth my buying them. However with regards to underwear and pyjamas I can justify buying them (albeit more than I could ever need).

I say I don’t buy clothes, I did make an exception for this Blue crop jumper. Topshop did a cable knit jumper like this a couple of years ago and I’ve been desperate for one ever since. This was only £10. ALSO LOOK AT THESE CUTE SOCKS. They come in a three pack for £2. I’m obsessed with cute socks, I’ve decided there’s no such thing as a sexy sock so embrace your inner child.

This top reminded me so much of the babe that is Chloe Miles I had to  get it. Plus it was on sale for £3! Only a crazy person could walk away from this. – As you can see I’m not very good at sticking to me ‘I don’t buy clothes rule’



The Underwear that I get in Primark tends to be quite mixed. You’ve got your pretty lingerie the bra’s are about £8 and the bottoms £2.50 so a steal at just over £10 for the set. Recently I discovered they do these Calvin Klein dupes. They’re comfy and fit like a treat. I’m pretty sure these are around £5 for the set but good luck finding them as I haven’t seen a decent set in there since I got these, they seem to fly off the shelf. 

Can you go wrong with cheap Primark flannel PJ bottoms? No you cannot! We currently have another couple living with us, so strolling around the house in my underwear is frowned upon. If you live in a mixed gender house at uni or with your parents you may also want some clothes that you don’t necessarily sleep in but can get up and slip into on your way to the vital morning does of caffeine. 

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Once again showing off my cute PJ’s and socks! 

I will be doing a separate post on Primark beauty and home. I will pop in tomorrow and have a browse because although I love my high end make up theres some great must haves hidden in there! 

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  1. September 7, 2016 / 7:16 am

    I NEED that jumper in my life. And the Calvin Klein inspired underwear – wish me luck! I agree with the pants thing. I like in student accommodation so I get it. Unfortunately you can’t nip to the kitchen in your underwear!

    • September 7, 2016 / 8:58 am

      Let me know if you find them! Haha yes I wish you could but some people don’t like it 😐

  2. September 7, 2016 / 7:59 am

    I somehow managed to live without primark for three years while I was at uni but boy it was hard, so now I take advantage of having one so near to me now! I love being accessories from there because it’s so darn cheap, but I have bought some clothes there too (I also have that no-clothes rules there but lol whoops I’ve definitely broken that!)

    Aren’t primark PJs the comfiest? I always buy my PJs from there and sure they don’t last long but they’re so cheap so I don’t mind. I love their socks too!

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