Pandora Collection – in Collaboration with The Jewel Hut

Almost an awkward topic, but my original Pandora bracelet was given to me on my 18th birthday by my ex boyfriend’s mum/family. This one sadly broke, I went into Pandora and the girl behind the counter sympathized with me and gave me a new one free of charge. I was delighted as it meant my Pandora journey could continue! Although I wasn’t bothered that my bracelet was bought by an ex’s family member, but it was nice to start again. I feel Pandora charm bracelets tell a story, and it felt like a new chapter for me. I was recently single, moved away from the Island I grew up on, and into a big city all by myself.

I still have the charm they gave me because there’s no hard feelings between me and them nor with me and him really. We’re not best buds, but on the rare occasion we pass each other we’ll say hello. That’s a benefit of moving far away from home, you don’t bump into people you don’t want to. 

ANYWAY on to the main focus of the post. I recently teamed up with The Jewel Hut and added a new Pandora piece to my bracelet. 

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They sent me the Open Heart Bead. I like these they’re good spacers. Plus in my eyes it’s okay to buy yourself spacers, as they’re less sentimental. *just my opinion, no offence to people who buy themselves happy birthday charms* 

The gift charm, and the safety chain were given to me from my ex’s mum. I really like this, I’m trying to stick to a silver and pink theme and it fits perfectly. Plus it was one of the first charms I got so it is special to me. 

The 18 charm & 21 charm were given to me from my Mum & Dad and so was the birthday cake charm. You can’t really see it but it’s next to the pink flower clip. 

The pink flower clip my lovely Nana gave to me on my 20th birthday. These clip charms are great, I only recently found out that they do them. Perfect if you don’t have loads of charms like me. 

I think the final 2 spacers I bought for myself as I was given 2 of the same ring for my birthday so exchanged one. 

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My beautiful friends bought me the May birth stone ring on my 19th birthday. They were really cute about it they hid it in a bag of pic n mix sweets. The princess crown and flower ring’s were given to me by my better half Adam. He originally just bought me the flower one as my friends had told him how much I wanted it. However I showed him the princess ring after debating with my sister whether or not it was tacky. He said he liked it so he surprised me with it. On my 20th he wrapped up 20 gifts and led them out around the front room in out old flat and cooked me one of my favourite dinners. What a cutie pie. He also got me a Millies cookie which is potentially my all time favourite thing to eat. 



Check out The Jewel Hut for all your Pandora needs! 

Hope you enjoyed this mini review, which ended up as a birthday throw back. 

Note to self – learn to stop rambling. 





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