Trago Lounge Southampton – Foodie Review

I was lucky enough to be sent vouchers to go and have a meal at Trago Lounge (Portswood Southampton) I go here all the time for brunch, and the occasional lunch with out of town visitors. I took Adam on Sunday for a nice lunch as I had spent most of 14502949_1788294418109929_4958539023374780850_nthe weekend on my Macbook editing my latest YouTube Video (see homepage for link). So it was around 2pm when we went in and it was so busy! It is always busy in here as it’s quite unique. Where supply is low demand is high. Following this business model you’d expect it to be very pricey, but surprisingly it is not. Adam had the Lounge Burger and Sweet potato fries, as well as a Lemonade mocktail style drink, and a large pot of tea. I had the Twisted Chicken Club Ciabatta, a Large caramel cappuccino and a Watermelon Ice Tea. For all of this it cost just over £30 which in my mind is VERY reasonable.

Now I’ve gone through the menu, and what we ordered let’s talk about service.

I am always honest in my opinions as I would only be wasting both of our time by lying or sugar coating things. Like I said earlier it was VERY busy. We almost didn’t get a seat. Too be fair I could have booked ahead, it was a spur of the moment visit. I took some notes while I was there as I knew I would forget. So the main theme in my comments are that it was busy, and as a result of this there were a couple of things I would like to address. These issues didn’t necessarily bother me, but they may other you so it’s something to bear in mind.

  • 14469701_1788294628109908_5033522400010231529_nThey didn’t have the correct glasses for our drinks which was fine, but the glass I was given had a massive crack in it and looked like it was about to break at any second.
  • Because it was busy there was a long wait on food, which for us was fine because we had our tea and coffee to keep us company, plus it was nice to actually sit and have a chat before the food came out. We were also told that food was going to be half an hour, and it came out in around 20 minutes so not that bad in all fairness.
  • Obviously, as with most places it was busy with mainly families so it was at some points hard to hear what the other was saying. Children were screaming and giggling like kids do. This is no issue for me. Being an older sister to a 3 year old boy I’ve had my fair share of public tantrums so if anything I felt sympathy and empathy for the mums. Nobody seemed to be too bothered by this as like I said it is expected.
  • As it was busy they had run out of a couple of bits, nothing major but still worth noting.


The Food

Now I love the food here. Not only is it wonderfully cooked and tastes delicious it always looks pretty too. As a bit of a food porn addict and a strong believer in ‘DONT EAT YOUR FOOD UNTIL I’VE TAKEN A PICTURE’ I am always very pleased with how the food is served. Also the variety of items on their menu is amazing. I always have the lounge eggs for brunch, they are basically 2 poached eggs on muffins with hollandaise sauce & smoked salmon. They’re amazing.


One big thing to note is that their coffee is to die for. I’m a big coffee lover, and I know good coffee when I taste it. This stuff is the real deal.

All of the ‘Lounges’ are super trendy and chic. They have classic board games lying around the place for people to play. On one brunch trip I had with Adam and his friends we sat and played chess after we had finished eating, it was nice to do something a bit different and almost grown up. They do have connect 4 and other games like that lying around so don’t worry if you’re like me and have no idea how to play chess.


Overall I loved my experience at Trago Lounge, I am always one for finding the positives in things. The only negative things I have to say are a result of it being so busy and popular, ergo are they really a negative? Take them as you will, I thought they were worth mentioning as otherwise I couldn’t find any fault. If you’re a child hating, impatient snob (no offence) then you may not like it here. But if you are a foodie who likes to take photos of food in quirky places, then this is the one for you! I’d love to know what your opinions are if you have been. I’ve heard some mixed reviews. The biggest point I’d like to make about the Lounges are that regardless of the time of day, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner the Lounges have a place for you. Also they do amazing cocktails and its a lovely chilled night if you want to listen to some smooth chilled music and chat with friends. If you don’t like places being busy, then visit at non peak time. We go for brunch at 10am on a Sunday and it’s always lovely. PS the staff there are absolutely amazing, couldn’t fault them. I would love to say a massive thanks to them for inviting me over. I really enjoy myself and no doubt will be back very soon.












You can find The Lounges across Southampton, but also in Brighton.




My overall point for this place is that I love it. Now while it may not be the best service in the world, its a quirky, unique and fun place to meet up with friends, have pretty food which also tastes amazing, without having to spend a fortune. I love this place and I will be back very soon. If you’re in Southampton and want a place to eat that will fit with your Instagram theme, this is the place. Side note – check this place out in the evenings it’s amazing, calm music, nice drinks cute bar snacks and best of all you can actually hear what the person opposite you is saying, but most importantly you don’t feel like you have to be quiet. It’s the best of both worlds.

I’ll be back soon with another foodie review! Until next time xxx


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