World Mental Health Day – Mental Illness VS Physical Illness & Coconut Lane X Maddie Bruce

I’ve spoken about the issues I have faced with regards to my mental health several times on my blog. One of the biggest things I’ve found is that while I’m not ashamed about my mental illness, some people struggle to know what to say to me when I’m being so frank. All I would say is mental illness is no different from a physical illness. If I broke my leg what would you say to me? You wouldn’t cower away from me, you’d ask if I were okay.

Having a mental illness is hard, but it’s also hard for the people around you. When you’re in a state of mind where you can’t think straight, it’s hard to consider others. Your mental illness will affect those closest to you. I know this isn’t the nicest thing to think about, but I find in times of darkness people push people away and that would only make the situation worse. If you have someone who is trying to help and understand you, you need to take into consideration that they may have no clue about what is rushing through your head (I expect you don’t either). You both need to understand that sometimes all we need is a hug and to be told it’s going to be okay. Asking us why we feel how we do won’t help as normally we don’t know.

Fast forward to now. I’m on medication and feel like a normal person. I don’t remember ever feeling like this. I keep thinking how different my school life would have been if I was treated sooner. More needs to be done about anxiety and other mental illnesses in young people. Being a teenager is hard enough let alone having a mental health issue on top of it.

Today is World Mental Health day,  so today we should take ownership of our illnesses and stand together to show that mentally ill people are no different from others. Mental illness is the same as physical illness. We need to raise awareness and stop the stigma around mental health. The babes at Coconut Lane have teamed together with my gorgeous friend Maddie Bruce to raise awareness. All profits from these prints and phone cases go to the charity SANE. Click HERE to shop the collection, you can use my discount code to get 20% off. AMYMARIE20. 

Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward. 


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