Workwear that doesn’t double your age.

When I first started working in the real world I was 18. The idea of uni didn’t appeal to me. One, because of the debt and two because I didn’t want to be away from my family. My Mum and Dad had just given birth to my baby brother Charlie (17 year age gap). I wanted to be around to see him grow up. I was struggling to find a job on the Isle of Wight so I started to apply for jobs on ‘The Mainland’. After multiple attempts I finally got a  job interview for a Major Account Manager position. God knows how I got it with zero experience; and at the time, no A level results, but I did.

Now normally the biggest struggles with a new career would be am I going to be good at it? Or are the people going to be nice? Will I love my job? However in my case I was worried about what I would wear. On the Island your options are limited with NO ZARA and a tiny H&M the struggle was real. I was desperate for some inspiration.

I thought I would do this blog post for all you young people who are at work in an office, or wherever you are so that you can avoid the fashion faux pas I made.

It’s easy to step into your local Matalan, grab a load of white shirts and ridged unflattering skirts, but why make your self feel like a frumpy troll when we have access to these gorgeous online stores.

This post will feature Miss Foxy, Yourwardrobe UK, TFNC, WalG with a dash of Ego shoes.

My first choice is this black roll neck jumper from Yourwardrobe UK. Black is the best colour in the world (in my opinion). If you’re not wanting to stand out massively, but looking for a comfortable dress that looks smart and sexy without being too revealing this is the one for you.


I would team this with some lace up black heels, or tights and boots. Even flats if you’re going for a comfy look. The beauty with this dress is that you can pretty much wear whatever colour shoe you like.

My second outfit of choice is this gorgeous number:


This is from Miss Foxy UK I love these roll neck jumper dresses. This is perfect if you’re wanting to be a little more conservative. I’d team this with my Ego thigh high black boots. This jumper dress is £16.90.

Another item from Miss Foxy UK that I love is this simple grey knit dress. This dress is £16.90.


I am a fan of following the bum OR boob rule. This dress is longer, so in my eyes justifies having a bit of boob on show. However some may disagree. I don’t like the fact that some people think that girls should have to cover up their skin as to not distract guys. Like this thing with girls school skirts distracting the teachers. To me, the males are the problem. Seeing a guys leg doesn’t make me sexually harrass him so why should it be okay to blame the way girls dress for the shocking behaviour of some men? – RANT OVER.

I am completely in love with this next outfit from TFNC as soon as I was taking it out of the package I knew we were meant to be together. It was love at first sight.


Its a great fitting skirt, no lose bits, versatile colour it’s just great. I’ve teamed this with a pink Zara crop top. This was only about £5 but was bought a couple of seasons ago so doubt its still around (sorry). You cannot go wrong with a pencil skirt. Hot or cold it doesn’t matter, you can wear this whatever season and still look fab. This skirt is around £25 shop their website here.

The last dress is from WalG. When I was shopping through the website I was unsure of this dress. It has definitely proved me wrong. It’s tight fitting, it is stretchy so really comfortable. Perfect for work if you’re sat at a desk all day!


Again this is a bit booby, so you could always wear a lace under top or something to cover up if you’re not comfortable with the plunge. Because of the detail at the front of the dress its perfect for hiding  a food baby, creates the illusion you are better looking that you are so why would you not love this dress? This dress is £32 but you can get £10 off your order when signing up to their email.

In all of these photos I am wearing my KoKo Couture synthetic hair extensions. Post coming soon as to how I style them, and how they compare to Human hair extensions.

If you have any questions as always let me know. Any feedback is much appreciated!





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